Learn the exciting game of Craps in only 10 minutes! Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  • jazztickets 4 years ago

    Holy shit this is a lot to remember. When you’re high

  • joed596 4 years ago

    Cheryl is gorgeous! Thank you :-)

  • NetCerpher 4 years ago

    Yeah, she was hot…. in the 80’s LoL

  • Kyle Mckenzie 4 years ago

    i got this now!

  • Max Wheelock 4 years ago

    and then……STOPPPPPPPPPPP!!! 8:11. 

  • blankman 4 years ago

    who cares about the chcks acting skills

  • Cyprys 4 years ago

    No wonder the bad numbers are called “craps”.

  • 76reliant 4 years ago

    @Psycolynch ofcourse I was being sarcastic. I hope her ‘other skills’ are
    better than her acting skills..

  • mrlaydback1 4 years ago

    I already know how to play ,I was wondering about whats a good strategy to
    play with….. How can I get good combonations for bet’s / playing /
    startout’s….etc.. for winning most of my roll’s. what to bet & how much
    to bet when I am rolling….

  • Bazzito52 4 years ago

    No. There would be a new come-out roll and your 6 and 8 would remain in
    action. They’d stay there until the shooter rolled a 6 or 8, for which
    you’d get paid, or until the shooter rolled a 7, whereupon you’d lose both
    come bets. And don’t forget – a natural 7 on the come-out roll would make
    you lose both come bets as well.

  • frozenjunior 4 years ago

    Big 6 and Big 10 different was told it’s better just to buy the numbers.

  • oceansdoor 4 years ago

    I bet that beautiful blond goddess could suck the chrome off of a trailer

  • Michael Angelo 4 years ago

    lol, came for the bitch

  • poolplayers21 4 years ago

    Also. So if you have come bets and 8 and 7 and that point is at the 4, and
    the roller rolls a 4, do you still win for the 6 and 8?

  • cc10121492 4 years ago

    The Don’t Pass is a better bet because there are more combination that get
    a 7. Why bet 5 on pass line, then another 5 on odds? Why not just bet 10 on
    the pass line since you might get a 7 or 11 on the first roll…

  • Pyroshen 4 years ago

    This is pretty good explainations

  • oceansdoor 4 years ago

    OK….what about the Big 6 & 8??

  • felixthecash 4 years ago

    damm she is so hot; if i am a billionaire i marry her and to start a
    family. she is hotter than any Victoria Secrets and Mrs. Universe models.
    plus she is smart too and understands the numbers and not just a standing
    bimbo. she is only fitting to be married to a billionaire.

  • seekdestroy16 4 years ago

    I gotta take a crap, brb

  • twain55 4 years ago

    I watched this video in 2004 while staying at the Rio All-Suites in ‘Vegas.
    I’ve been using this strategy ever since. It’s been great to me. Might not
    get rich but you can play for hours.

  • Joseph S 4 years ago

    nice job. very well explained.

  • tampicokeed 4 years ago

    id bet on the come, lol

  • 617pmk 4 years ago

    Best bet??? Bet with the house each year that the Cubs don’t win the world

  • poolplayers21 4 years ago

    i mean 6 and 8 not 7

  • Macaully McHulkin 4 years ago