Get your free at 888 casino – No deposit needed! ►► ◄◄ This is a very important video compilation as we’re about to share with you 11 blackjack tips that casinos don’t want you to know. The blackjack tips in this video will sharpen your game and make you play better around the live […]

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  • robi leybin 4 years ago

    search for "basic strategy" and get all the "tips"

  • Ashfaq Sheikh 4 years ago

    Don't agree with Point #3. There are definitely hot and cold streaks. One must use positive betting progression and take maximum advantage of hot streak. Once it is over, go home. Similarly, some dealers (male or female) have inexplicable harmony with particular players while others don't. Find the one which is harmonious with you. It takes a little bit of sixth sense. Additionally, some casinos and tables are lucky for you and others are not. Never play under sub-optimal conditions. Only risk your money if you find that the terms, rules of game and other conditions meet your terms.

  • B Nelson 4 years ago

    This is borderline awful.  Did you do some research or just guess at these "tips?" after watching a few videos?  I never comment on youtube videos, but I hate to see someone give "advice" that is going to cost people money.  Here are the corrections to these awful pieces of advice.  I mention some variations for card counters, but if you're a serious card counter, you'll realize I left some out that would confuse casual players, and you know what to do.You do not always hit a soft 17; you double when the dealer shows a 2-6.-You don't always double on 11  if you're playing multiple deck games.  THIS IS EVEN SHOWN ON THE STRATEGY CARD YOU SHOW IN THE VIDEO!Any basic strategy guide will tell you not to double 11, especially if the count is negative. "Never never split 5's"?  That means to always split 5's, just a grammar issue.Advanced players will split 10's when the count is sky high; don't do it unless you know what you're doing.-Advanced players table hop; they go to the tables that have a positive count and are beneficial to the player.  Tables don't stay hot, but you can back count and find a "hot" one with a great count.-Tipped dealers may shuffle more or less frequently, helping the player to gain an edge, although you have to be clear about what you want them to do.  If you say deal deep and give a dealer a good tip, they'll deal further, though not to the bottom. At a full, single deck game, there can be a fluctuation of plus or minus 10 in a single hand (although this is unlikely, it is possible).  In layman's terms, you can see ten small cards come out before you get to play, and this can really affect your betting options (IE double down an Ace-8 on a dealer 6 as opposed to standing, making you more money).  Sitting in the last seat can give you a serious advantage if you know what to look for.- Take insurance when your bet is proportionately huge for you and when the count is positive (about +4).-Many casinos don't care if you use a strategy card at the table.  Often, the strategy cards do not account for variations they have put into their game.The #1 rule that most Blackjack players will tell you is this: NEVER play a game which pays 6 to 5 for a blackjack.If you're watching this video, take a little time to buy a book teaching you the red 7 or high lo strategy, and go to the wizard of odds for blackjack odds calculators.  It'll tell you which games to play and which to skip based entirely upon the rules being used and your odds of winning.If you want to make money at blackjack, you need to combine perfect basic strategy, card counting, and a positive progressive or bet varying strategy in accordance with the real count.  It takes time, but you can do it.  Especially since you don't even need to memorize basic strategy and can just use one of the cards shown in this video.

  • jdoggg1119 4 years ago

    I am with the majority here, I disagreed with most of your "tips." First, tip your dealers. They make minimum wage and rely on tips to make ends meet. Secondly, if you are a card counter, insurance is actually a decent bet, especially if you have a large amount of money on the table, and the count is fairly high. Emotions don't affect everyone the same way. I get angry and disappointed by going through a bad shoe, but so does everybody else, it's part of the game. And as far as the size of the shoe, it is little advantage to the casino to add more decks. I would take a 6 deck shoe vs a single deck game any day, simply because there are more opportunities for good hands, i.e, more aces and ten value cards.

  • Spencer Charpentier 4 years ago

    I work at a casino, and all these "rules" are stupid, nor are they true. yeah in some circumstances they are, but not always.

  • Stanley S 4 years ago

    disagree with 9. You need to progressive bet to max win streaks. Flat line betting is a terrible idea

  • Gen X Murse 4 years ago

    Another tip…Never play at tables that pay 6:5 for BJ.

  • Amanda Dermichknutscht 4 years ago

    Your rule 1 is wrong. This is only for some rules. If the casino/rules dont peek for BJ you should not always split 8s, nor Doubledown on a 11

  • Beating Casino 4 years ago