YO guys! So I actually finally found a strategy that works for me!! Video Rating: / 5

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  • PrinceArthas100 3 years ago

    lol so original (not srs).

  • Walnutz “Walnut” 3 years ago

    HAHHAHAHA, LOL….the fucking acting on it

  • MrDakman 3 years ago

    Absolute idiot!!!

  • John Farrell 3 years ago

    You are the most annoying person on youtube.

  • Chas Ptrs. 3 years ago

    There is no "winning" strategy, especially "online". In a casino, do not play on a table which is connected to "touch-bet-screens", UNLESS you know how to use the screens & the table.  Always play 2 screens.  Don't purchase "useless" systems. You are playing against a computer and 37 magnets.

  • Laura Warren 3 years ago

    Drugs are bad for you. Weird dude

  • Jackcom King 3 years ago

    Sorry but this is bad if you lose all time you bet will be high

  • arta jpn 3 years ago

    Ok go and play and win, we do not need gambling money- all is yours

  • mystic- 3 years ago

    Dont work, what u doing when u bet on 5 rows and the 6 coming, or Zero?

  • Leon Livingstone 3 years ago


  • fatal fury 3 years ago

    convert those dollars to euros already:D

  • Pamela May 3 years ago

    children… don't watch this on drugs

  • 4 DailyVines 3 years ago

    Agreed you should try that program, betmate, just watched that dude with that shit earned more then 1000€

  • PinkGapple 3 years ago

    You should make vids more ofton

  • Florin Sebastian Trusca 3 years ago

    Hi Jack,
    Please if you have time, tell me how do you choose the D streets? if is not secret :))
    Keep going bro !

  • Sönmez Reyiz 3 years ago

    where's your 360.000 € .
    you play poor.

  • Amanda Hestdalen 3 years ago

    Where are you? No videos lately

  • Tim Priester 3 years ago

    when comes the Q&A?

  • PyroCrewBergen 3 years ago

    Try Betmate :-)

  • Baileyking9 3 years ago

    plz make more vids