Get to know all about blackjack basic strategy – what blackjack basic strategy is, how to use blackjack chart, the rules to avoid at blackjack table and the … Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Grumpy-Kun 5 years ago

    yeah man she needs to eat a steak and wash it down with a shake!

  • acridnynaeve p 5 years ago

    Oh wow, this woman looks and speaks like a bloody robot

  • Sabrina Carmelotes 5 years ago

    BULLCRAP never follow strategy this will bring you to lose more money.
    cards are random FOLLOW YOUR HEART! LOL

  • Zerofire18 5 years ago

    Another important rule is to only play at tables where a blackjack pays you
    3/2, don’t play any of that 6/5 bull.

  • Dealer Beater Guide Official 5 years ago

    Would you like to see a really working strategy? Check it out on my

  • kenskul 5 years ago

    Actually, you should always stand on a hard 17, the soft 17 is where you
    would hit dealer up card of 7 or higher.

  • pablodiablo227 5 years ago

    when you have a 12 you hit when the dealer has 2 or a 3 showing. it says
    that in the chart they show and then the bitch says something else in the
    first golden rule. these people re dumbasses

  • inktoxicated 5 years ago

    that bitch needs to eat

  • Maple Casino 5 years ago

    Is it just me or is that lip sync out?

  • jim aquilino 5 years ago

    You are better off keeping your money if you only have 10-50 thousand to
    lose. Blackjack is an expensive game and the average card counter will
    still lose over the long haul. Like they say 90% of the losers is won by
    10% of the winners. If you don’t have the bankroll to absorb the variance,
    you will get wiped out in a matter of time. Just spend your money and don’t
    give it to the casino. You can buy something nice for yourself. Be smart
    and don’t get sucked into the casino.

  • madhatter0110 5 years ago

    The blue top looks great on her. What a beautiful woman!

  • Gerald Kljajic 5 years ago

    It’s a losing game don’t waste your money,mathematically you are always

  • pablodiablo227 5 years ago

    @CasinosDoc are you kidding me? i am a card counter so yes there is at
    least one person that knows the entire basic strategy chart by heart. This
    video is terrible and should be taken off youtube. four out of the seven so
    called “golden rules” are flawed. If anything this video will make people
    lose more money than they were already going to. PLEASE REMOVE this video
    and stop misinforming people!

  • QuartetmanIA 5 years ago

    I wonder if she is computer generated?

  • MrShoy 5 years ago

    card counting works only if your shuffler isn’t the machine.

  • lol, they filmed some eastern european chick and dubbed over her lololololo

  • Randy Bailin 5 years ago

    Basic blackjack strategy ensures that you will lose at a predictable rate.
    Casinos allow you to keep a basic strategy card at your side as you play,
    knowing that it doesn’t tilt the odds to your advantage.

  • John Parsons 5 years ago

    i thought if the dealer shows a 7 or higher that you stand on 17??

  • 7ofspades789 5 years ago

    As a response to trueexposed you can improve your odds further. Card

  • strawberryseason 5 years ago

    @yungreg01 She only said to always hit on a soft 17. She said to only hit
    on a hard 17 if the dealer’s hand is 7 or higher.

  • Jack Noobhead 5 years ago

    thumbs up if hangover or 21 led you here! =)

  • spazvapes 5 years ago

    Hi Pablo, just wanted to say thanks for the heads up. This video must
    really suck if you came back a year later to comment again haha

  • 2muchgametime 5 years ago

    Unless you count cards.

  • gwdindy 5 years ago

    Wow. She is so very not real.

  • Matthew E 5 years ago

    She has really skin arms, but a nice figure.