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  • thedatepro 4 years ago

    ** DO NOT USE this betting strategy**. After running through hundreds of
    hands using single and double decks (using real cards), I consistently lost
    money and this was all during a one hour period. Just to be thorough, I
    ran this strategy using professional grade simulation software and I also
    lost money.

    The problem with this betting strategy is that it’s VERY possible to lose
    several hands in a row. Assuming you are NOT counting cards, you are
    always at a disadvantage against the house, no matter what betting system
    you use.

    You should study how real professional blackjack players bet and then use
    whatever works for you. But I can assure you, this betting strategy is
    seriously flawed. If you don’t believe me, just grab a deck of cards and
    play with paper money and keep track of your wins and your losses.

    If you get lucky and win a couple at the outset, then that’s great, but
    that’s not a sufficient test. You need to run many simulations for many,
    many hours to get a feel for this strategy and you’ll see that it does NOT
    work consistently. 

  • thedatepro 4 years ago

    I wish you would mention in your video that no betting amount system
    affects the odds of the game. Unless you’re counting cards properly, the
    house always has the advantage. Yes, you can lose more than 4 hands in a
    row and stating that it “rarely happens” is disingenuous; it can and does
    happen because each hand that you play has about a 48% chance of winning,
    depending on the house advantage.

    The cards do not have any memory. The previous hand, whether you win or
    lose, does not affect the odds of the next hand, neither does how you bet
    have any impact on the odds.

    My main question is this: has this blackjack betting strategy been proven
    over time? How often do you really use it? And do you incorporate it with
    the basic strategy or some other strategy? A response would be greatly

  • gr743g43ggfb4 4 years ago

    i kinda like the idea of this system even though the house advantage
    wouldn’t be minimized. 

  • Nick Lackman 4 years ago

    Ya this dudes a total douche. Stupid strategy but hey someone’s gotta b
    that guy at the table. 

  • Harry Ballzack 4 years ago

    Great video! U mentioned that the El Cortez in Vegas is not a good place to
    play at? Why not?

  • eneeland 4 years ago

    Two questions. 1) At the end of the vid (8:20), you say 40% of $192 =
    $69. Shouldn’t the current loss balance be cumulative? i.e. 10 + 22 + 44
    + 96 +192 = $364 and 40% of that = $145? Question 2. Regardless of the
    amount, what happens if you lose that bet? Do you continue it for the next
    bet. And if you lose that one, go back to $10?

    Thanks for the ideas,