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  • Chase Eaton 4 years ago

    Which basic strategy chart did you show in this video? I cannot find it on
    your website. I have also seen some charts that say the rules include
    doubling on a split but it doesn’t show when to double on a split. How do I
    know when to double on a split if the chart doesn’t show it?

  • John Letourneau 4 years ago

    Hey Michael Shackelford if basic strategy is the right way to play
    If that is true why could casinos allow people to bring basic strategy
    charts to the table
    But anything else like card counting, computers are frowned upon

    Think about it if basic strategy was the right way to play the casino
    wouldn’t allow anything to extract money from them
    So why would you teach it if casinos are not worried about basic strategy
    but everything else u try to use will get u banned


  • sergio martinez 4 years ago

    no! why did angela change her hair color i miss the red!!

  • yumha38 4 years ago

    Hello Mr Shackleford, is it true that if the minimum bet on the BJ table is
    at last $25 or more, the table will attract more skillful players, and
    using this logic it is better to play higher steaks?

  • John Letourneau 4 years ago

    First of all you dont have to take my Word for it.
    You can play any way u like If u think I am idiot or an ass thats Fine
    but before you ridicule me just chew on this and really think on this If by
    any reason Basic stratagey is the right way to play then y would a casino
    allow something at the table that will hurt Its borrón line
    everything else that playera have such as card counting gets you banned or
    kicked out
    but Basic stratagey is allowed because Its the wrong way to play
    casinos know this thats why They allow 

  • Bob L 4 years ago

    So,how does the strategies or odds change if it is a full table, or one or
    two players at the table? Do the odds change when a shoe of 8 decks vs a
    auto shuffle of 6 decks?

  • HoangGia Nguyen 4 years ago

    good strategy, i tried with my friend on 6 decks and all went well

  • Not8upwthit 4 years ago

    Look at the camera Michael, Angelia’s tits will be there after the video !

  • Andrew Whyte 4 years ago

    Presumably if the house takes your stake on a draw, rather than pushing
    back, presumably it’s not worth playing either (they do this in the small
    stakes, multi deck tables in bars in Finland).

  • Lee Allen 4 years ago

    Was she actually playing correct strategy when that player criticized her?
    She had 12 and the dealer was showing a low card.

  • hmmm, dude did not articulate much on the true art of card-counting in
    silence…it’d be better to practice with a good lottery tool at home
    first, u think?

  • Bob L 4 years ago

    I dont know about the phrase “NEVER play side-bets”, but I guess its my
    cash to throw away…I got the Lucky Ladies the other night (125:1)
    and,dang it, I didn’t bet it! I do get “20’s” often, but probably not
    winning enough to break even (on the side-bet). I try to “feel the table”
    as its being played…how’s that going for me? feh…

  • Not8upwthit 4 years ago

    I like Angelia, lets do this.

  • Carlota Silva 4 years ago

    great info thank you michael :)

  • Nikola Zugic 4 years ago

    thanks Mike

  • Rommel Cruz Sager 4 years ago

    Can you still count cards even though the casino uses a continuous
    shuffling machine?

  • Mark Smith 4 years ago

    Thanks, awesome channel. I hope to improve my blackjack skills to give
    myself better odds at the table. Also, great website.

  • gild71 4 years ago

    I just played blackjack for the second time today and that scenario @ 12:30
    happened to me. The pit boss scolded me, one of the card dealers scolded me
    and other players scolded me. I left feeling bitter and turned off by the
    game. Funny thing is 3 different people came to my table and they all
    busted before me while trying to give me advice on how to play and they all
    blamed their ill fortune on me. Apparently what none of these videos teach
    you is that there is a way to play when it’s just you and the dealer and a
    different way to play with a group according to the pit boss but as I
    politely told him as well as another dealer told him that I was winning.
    Anyways another player that lost told me that when you’re playing with a
    group that we all have to band together to force the dealer to pull the
    bust cards but I thought that was strange since that was what I was trying
    to do. Apparently I thought the game was just between me and the dealer but
    it seems I have to hit my cards while considering the other players
    cards. 2 different players told me they didn’t like playing with me The
    first time I played I wasn’t the focus of the other players and played no
    different than that first night but a friend of mine that was playing for
    the first time was going through what I went through tonight. He was
    scolded that night like I was tonight. Before playing this game consider
    that the table will be controlled by people who believe in rabbits feet and
    goat entrails.

  • Lawrence Leung 4 years ago

    If you look at Angela, you lose for sure.

  • gild71 4 years ago

    When you play blackjack you will run into what happened at 12:30. That’s a
    fact. When people are having a good night they think they are using a good
    strategy and on a bad night they will look to blame another player. Tonight
    I had the most luck doubling on an ace and 3 and got lucky by pulling a
    deuce on all three of those winning hands. Win I’m winning the other
    players say that I am using an effective strategy but all I could think was
    what dorks they were. It was only luck that I pulled a deuce on all three
    hands it could have easily gone the other way but on those three hands the
    whole table won and therefore they liked me when it went bad they attacked
    me. I used no real strategy other than I had too low of a card count with
    an Ace and three and wanted to get better cards than the dealer.

  • Javy Acosta 4 years ago

    Hi there where can I buy onr of those basic strategy charts?

  • yumha38 4 years ago

    Hello Mr Shackleford, I want to thank you for your great tips on Blackjack
    strategy. My question is, what is the industry standard for tipping a
    dealer after a large win. Recently I won 3rd place at a BJ tournament
    $500. I tipped the dealer $75. While I am not cheap, I also don’t want to
    go overboard!

  • MondoLeStraka 4 years ago

    Angela’s cleave.

    (First one to say it!!)

  • Michael Shackleford 4 years ago
  • MondoLeStraka 4 years ago


    On the issue of insurance Grosjean in his book says that it’s worse to
    insure a good hand over a bad hand. There are a lot of players – ploppies
    – that believe they should insure a good hand and not a bad hand.