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  • Jack Bower 4 years ago

    Say ‘you know’ more

  • supergoku551 4 years ago

    First to get laid!

  • cubing is awesome 4 years ago

    First to comment

  • Almejandro1987 4 years ago

    Ya know, ya know, ya know! don’t be a douche douche ya know!

  • Bishop 4 years ago

    Good tip

  • jorgeosoro86 4 years ago

    Daaaaamn i knoooow!

  • Tomas Kibsgaard Larsen 4 years ago

    What is it with howcast and “you know”?

  • arlenne davidoff 4 years ago

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  • Herp Derpson 4 years ago

    First to say second

  • CroGameZone 4 years ago

    you know ^^

  • Kay Kay 4 years ago


  • rob c 4 years ago

    You know lol I get it though, I used to have a problem saying wait, what..
    You can break the habit dog!

  • Jake Howard 4 years ago

    hey man these are great videos and great tips and advice but you’ve got to
    stop saying “you know”. it really distracts from what you’re saying when
    it’s used in excess.

  • Vincent Lin 4 years ago

    I’m pretty sure we ‘know’

  • Bryan Brady 4 years ago

    No we dont know thats why we are watching the video

  • Shawn Tinling 4 years ago

    First time in front of the camera for any length of time. It was nerves.

  • Tenisha Rhinehart 4 years ago

    Ya know ya know ya know ya know omg shut. Up.