Long before I ever broke the financial markets code. I broke the Blackjack Code when I was only 21 years old in Las Vegas after only playing the game for 3 hours. I went on to make a lot of money playing blackjack until I became a trader in the year 2001. In 2006 I […]

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  • Spencersaboss 1 year ago

    So wait your telling me that counting cards and basic strategy doesn't work hmmm weird those mit students must be dumb thank God I don't go to that school.

  • Vicente Schiesewitz 1 year ago

    Thanks Mr. Kuvelas! A lot learned from your work, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. One question: Could you tell us specifically what are the only cases when you hit hands above 11?

  • Blackhawk 1337 1 year ago

    This system really works.

  • james Dean 1 year ago

    Played this strategy tonight for the very first time. . Walked in with 200. Walked out with 570. 370 profit!!! David, I love this.

  • the mysterious saiyan 1 year ago

    Thank you for your hard work and for releasing this strategy. Only one question for you will this method be effective in casinos that use automatic deck shuffling instead of a shoe? Thanks again.

  • Leon Kukovič 1 year ago

    Hey, I was wondering, what about those online casinos which have human dealers. Can you use the system there aswell?

  • 1 year ago

    hi, David. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful video. Very practical technique- useful for all Black Jack players.

  • Christian Horta 1 year ago

    If this was so successful for you why stop?

  • John Smith 1 year ago

    David, thank you for sharing this video. I have played blackjack for many years but never seem to have winning sessions, even though I know 100% of basic strategy. You would think I would have occasional good wins just from luck alone. But after watching this video, the reality of it set it. Way too often I was busting myself and not having a chance to win the hand. I have also always wondered why if basic strategy was the best for the player vs casino, why would the casinos sell basic strategy cards in their gift shops or sometimes even give them away? Pair splitting I now realize is stupid for all pairs. You just are giving yourself the chance to lose 2 hands instead of one. Clearly basic strategy is not the best way to play. Doubling isn't a good idea either I now realize. Basic strategy tells you to double an 11 even against a dealer ace or ten. Why would I want to double and pick up a nice 3 or 4 against an ace? I even learned to count cards and tried that out, but it also failed. There are so few times when the true count is high enough to make a meaningful difference, plus with the cut card being 2-3 decks deep all the extra high cards could be buried in the last 2 decks anyway and never see play. On top of that, a high count means the dealer will be making lots of 20s, so you need blackjacks to win. I hope to learn your system well enough to have a winning session next time I play. I'd love to see another demonstration of this system. Thank you again for sharing this, and please don't listen to the idiots or haters.

  • D Mac 1 year ago

    To everyone here, the system works. The only time I lost was when I sat down on a empty table and I was the only player. I knew better, but I was doing pretty good and thought I was invincible. Follow the rules and don’t sit down until the dealer starts busting.

  • Essential HD 1 year ago

    What about ties? I haven't finished your vid yet but what about if you get a 10 or an 11?

  • voicetube 1 year ago

    I've only watched about 30% of the video so far but I've gleaned a lot.

    One interesting point, aside from winning or losing hand by hand, is the psychological benefit of not having the frustration of ever busting, If using his technique! You're taking out one frustration factor while doing something that (hopefully, if one is gambling sanely) to have fun!

    Busting definitely takes away from the fun, while playing blackjack In the casino and by never hitting on anything more than an 11, you're at least taking at least one frustration factor away from the fun times of drinkin' and playin' somewhere like Vegas, etc. 🙂

  • fonzy1987hh 1 year ago

    Does the dealer have to get to 17? Why would they try to get to 17 if they know your going to stay on 12?

  • joseph eskenazi 1 year ago

    I like your video i agree with the dealer busting being the time to increase betting. but what i dont get is why youve been hitting the 15s and 14s if you are not supposed to risk busting at all. your not being consistent in your play

  • KORY RICHEY 1 year ago

    Dealer hot streak = neg count. Dealer bust mode = + count. So it’s similar. You’re just removing the part where you hit and potentially bust. Knowing the running count or true count is +, you are kinda doing the same, sitting on low hands to let the dealer bust.

    I’m interested enough I may give it a shot and see how it goes.

  • thang Huynh 1 year ago

    Hi David, great video!! Hope to see the 2nd video!!

  • MARCO BAPTISTA 1 year ago

    Can I play it online?

  • Blackjack Lover 1 year ago

    You are right my friend

  • Jack Hermiz 1 year ago

    This way David is saying you will always have a chAnce to win they say you cant win if you dont have Cards using This strategy you always have Cards and busting will Not occur anymore i will be trying This strategy next time i gamble

  • Marquis Lee 1 year ago

    I’m at Harrahs casino now hahha

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