Mike Aponte, leader of the MIT Blackjack Team featured in the movie 21, provides a Card Counting 101 from the Def Con XX conference in Las Vegas.You can lear… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Cave Man 5 years ago

    There are 3 things u can win BJ :a Big roll, Basic strategy and luck.
    Other than that card counting on 6decks is sucked…I meant misleading and

  • dlvmark 5 years ago

    Ok so any ideas?

  • dlvmark 5 years ago

    Mike or anyone else want to start a team in So Cal? Send me a message.

  • TESTORAMATHIS 5 years ago

    I just finished watching 21 witches peaked my interest to look this up and
    see how. I eventually found my way here. I would love to learn more

  • tinder 5 years ago

    Can this still be done even today with all the new electronic shufflers?

  • jaxinthebocks 5 years ago

    this video was very benefiting thank you hahahaha

  • Tom Ford 5 years ago

    Works best with a single deck..but the problem is that you will be watched
    very closely at those tables and the casino will be very wary when you
    start increasing your bet size by five times under favorable conditions.
    Doesn’t mean you cannot still make a profit, but probably a good idea not
    to get too greedy if you want to go back there someday.

  • luis villaescuza 5 years ago

    yes unless if its a continiuos shuffler the the card counting doesnt work

  • tomper05 5 years ago

    I got the point, but why is it better for a player when there are more high
    cards left? Just because of the black jack odd 3:2? After all you play
    against the dealer and the dealer has the same chance of hitting a black
    jack as you, although you don’t lose 3:2… But with many high cards left,
    the chance of hitting 20 is high for you AND the dealer. However, it is
    interesting to know how many high cards are left in the deck to know wheter
    you should hit or stand in case you have 12.

  • Johnny Ragan 5 years ago

    The table tells you how many decks are used in the shoe. All you need to do
    then is determine how many decks are cut out with the cut card. And how
    many decks have been discarded. Divide the number of decks that remain by
    your count and that is your true count

  • JoeysWorldTour 5 years ago


  • can0mark 5 years ago

    It’s not just the possibility of getting BJ it’s also about the players
    ability to split and double. Which are also two things a player can use to
    his advantage that a dealer does not have access to. Not to mention the
    possibility to stand.

  • Wayne Rooney 5 years ago

    usually 8 decks. I forget how to tell how deep the game has underwent.

  • HumbleAbode 5 years ago

    i am guessing you would have to make an educated guess, depending on the
    size of the deck

  • hellmage09 5 years ago

    A girl that knows blackjack. Unheard of… 😀

  • LaurennWho 5 years ago

    Even though the chances are higher for both the person and the dealer, you
    have to take basic strategy into account after you get the total count and
    play for that hand, then you have to go off of that and the odds will be in
    your favor. You have to take into account that even if you count cards,
    it’s impossible to win every hand, but you have a higher chance of beating
    the dealer.

  • neraknerak1 5 years ago

    thank you.

  • TheHighway9 5 years ago

    The one dislike here is from a casino pit boss!

  • neraknerak1 5 years ago

    but at a modern casino, how do you know how many shoes there are or when
    the shoe started?