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  • Rudy Marsh 5 years ago

    @kidotaofu Yes, there are several systems that will allow you to win more
    often than losing, but you will always end up risking more money, and of
    course it does not change the overall odds of the game. You can check out
    my baccarat video – if you play banker, you will win more often than you
    lose, you just have to pay a 5% commission.

  • Raj Arangamany 5 years ago

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  • BreitbartGeniusLives 5 years ago

    Don’t lay odds on the don’t pass bet just lay what you can afford and it
    pays even money.

  • Templeton6687 5 years ago

    Wahnsinns Vid bitte seht einmal auf die web seite her mck-team (.) com!
    Danke dieser System Methode mache ich jeden Tag Zahlen bis zu 585 EUROS mit
    echt wenig Arbeit!

  • Rudy Marsh 5 years ago

    @jr543266 If you don’t play odds, you won’t lose any more money, but it’s
    one of the few 0 house advantage games in the casino. However, if you play
    $20 on don’t pass, instead of $10 + $10 odds, you will lose money in the
    long run on the $20 bet vs. playing odds.

  • racer83racing 5 years ago

    when playing the don’t pass–ALWAYS place the 12 for a dollar (or 10 to 20%
    of your bet) on the come out; this is critical!!!!!!!!!

  • RobbieGTV 5 years ago

    For me pass vs don’t pass really isn’t a binary decision unless and until
    the rest of your risk model is considered. You outlined the payout odds
    differences and that’s key. If the player wishes to target a smaller but
    more consistently repeatable percentage of bankroll based quit strategy
    don’t pass or preferred and if the player would prefer to increase the
    likelihood of a less consistent but larger session win as a percentage of
    bankroll pass is preferred

  • Jeff Stone 5 years ago

    I liked your explanation of the Pass & Don’t pass bets. Betting Don’t,
    you’ll win twice as many times, but only half as much money. House
    advantage .03 difference between the two bets. Most important to me is
    1-winning and 2-having fun, so I am a “right bettor.” Both of us need luck
    on our side to win. Thank you for the videos.

  • kidotaofu 5 years ago

    i like to play this way also,do u have a system that wins more often than

  • wise eric e 5 years ago

    SHIIT guys this aint commercial, I just tried this site out for fun. But
    they have scored 12/13 bets so far!! Its awesome, I have subscribed

  • jr543266 5 years ago

    I do play the DON’T but I never put the ODDS behind it because it just not
    make sense to LAY money to win less money

  • Rudy Marsh 5 years ago

    @jeff13148 Yeah, I think it takes a certain type of personality to play
    don’t pass. If you have more fun being a “right” better, I’d stick with it.
    The odds aren’t that different, especially if you play full odds.

  • Rudy Marsh 5 years ago

    @Mustang00775 You generally place your odds bets to the right of your bet.
    Don’t worry, if you put your odds in the wrong spot, one of the dealers
    will correct your placement – just pay attention to where he puts your odds
    and try to always put them in the spot he prefers. Always take odds in pass
    or don’t pass – it’s one of the few zero house advantage games in the

  • Steven Wiggins 5 years ago

    Jeff, my casino makes us make the Don’t Pass bet before the first come out
    roll. So you can’t know what the point is before making the Don’t Pass Bet.

  • jeff5336 5 years ago

    MY STRATEGY THAT WORKS WELL….. is I wait till after a point has been hit
    once and then I will play the dont pass bet, I usually hedge the come out
    roll by betting the same amount on pass and dont pass line…. but after
    the point has been set I bet my odds on the dont pass side and then if I
    loose which is rare because people rarely hit a second point in a row I
    will bet again doubling my odds bet… and very very seldom do people hit 3
    points in a row… it will happen but not often

  • Kyle F 5 years ago

    quick question. when you play the pass line to take your odds you place
    chips behind your pass line bet but where do you place chips when taking
    odds on your dont pass bet? Is it even worth taking odds on the dont pass?