Filmed at Caesars Palace. This craps pit is where a scene from The Sopranos was filmed. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Craps Game #5 COMING SOON! Real Live Craps Game in Las Vegas. Filmed at The Four Queens. PLEASE RATE!!! subscribe to be notified of upcoming live gambling vi… Video Rating: 4 / 5




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  • clunkmess 4 years ago

    We are at 15K views now!!! Bless all the craps fans that love the game as
    much as I do.

    More craps coming soon!

  • clunkmess 4 years ago

    I need more subscribers before I post the next craps video!

  • clunkmess 4 years ago



  • Neal Richards 4 years ago

    How do you tape these? This is awesome!

  • TheTrueGamble 4 years ago

    I loved gambling here!!!

  • Malevolant Guise 4 years ago

    Random throws mathematically favor the 7, 8, 6. Lowest are 10, 11, 12, and
    2, 3, and 4 . So try to bet usually on the 8 & 7 or bet ‘No Pass’ 

  • jaime garcia 4 years ago


  • wraywrey2004 4 years ago

    Hey clunkmess, you believe in dice setting?

  • mikebansain 4 years ago

    Everyone needs to watch the guy who buys in at the beginning of the video.
    He lost a lot, fast. Threw $25 at the horn twice. Such a bad bet.I think he
    threw $50 between two hardways and lost those too. Also bad bets. Avoid
    playing the middle of a craps table. These are some of the worst bets in
    the casino. You’re better of going to roulette and betting on red or black.

  • bootmaster 4 years ago

    Live Craps 6?

  • skittlecar1 4 years ago

    Balding guy on the end blew through $100 pretty quick on the center bets. 

  • dan connelly 4 years ago

    nothing more fun than standing at a hot crap table at caesars palace.

  • doostan513 4 years ago

    Good stuff Keep it coming

  • Desoxyn Man 4 years ago

    Just another big mouth shooter who is all talk and 7’s out. The real
    shooters keep a low profile, hit, then go collect their money.

  • J PumpkinKing 4 years ago

    How are you shooting this? Are you wearing a glasses cam?

  • MrCPO 4 years ago

    Where’s the rest? Did you hit the point? I think seeing the action in front
    of you is better. Keep ’em coming.

  • Jeffrey Journey 4 years ago

    Thanks for posting this video. I love POV Craps table videos. Where was
    your phone/camera as you were playing? I have played craps for years and
    any time I even bring out my phone to just check the time I always get the
    “sir please back away from the table” so for you to get in 7+ minutes
    before they shut you down is really cool. Also I see you are playing in the
    Caesars Palace pit where they filmed the famous Sopranos scene and it looks
    like the table limits were $5. What day/time was this?

  • clunkmess 4 years ago

    It was the early AM. You just have to be sly and have nerves of steel when
    deciding to get footage at the tables. I have to put The Sopranos bit in
    the info, thanks!

  • Greg Besso 4 years ago

    Did you make the 6 when you were shooting?

  • MrCPO 4 years ago

    Going in February, right after the Super Bowl, for an annual business trip.
    Last time I killed it at the Golden Gate and Casino Royale. Have you been
    to the 100xs odds table at Royale? It’s fantastic!

  • BNotAffraid 4 years ago

    C’mon 6! 33 baby!

  • clunkmess 4 years ago

    Sadly…I did not 🙁

  • clunkmess 4 years ago

    Nerves of steel is how! lololol

  • mikebansain 4 years ago


  • wraywrey2004 4 years ago

    Awesome Thanks! I’m going down Thanksgiving weekend. Hope I get lucky.
    Can’t wait

  • clunkmess 4 years ago

    I need more subscribers before I post the next craps video!

  • clunkmess 4 years ago



  • flibberdajibbet 4 years ago

    @CyberSecks13 Those are one dollar. I’ve never seen one dollar checks that
    color, but they’re on the dealer’s outside among other clues.

  • TheTrueGamble 4 years ago

    @clunkmess awesome sounds nice!!! CANT WAIT!!!

  • Fpica F 4 years ago

    @flibberdajibbet It was placed correctly. If the point is 4 or 10 they
    place the odds this way on the dont pass line, cose its easier to pay. You
    have 10 flat bet, 20 odds, what pays 10+10 when 7 comes. So they bridge the
    odds on the top of the flat bet, and the dealer just cuts from side 20
    dollars. It is 1 move instead of 2 – faster to pay. Experienced player cose
    he put it straight. Usally the dealers are bridigint it after the odds has
    been put.

  • clunkmess 4 years ago

    i actually wasn’t playing, just recording

  • clunkmess 4 years ago

    @zedeckomnipotent Good luck ! and remember to take odds and dont be afraid
    to play the ‘ don’t pass’ as well !

  • Matt Scott 4 years ago

    @ 2:33 when you rolled “3 craps”, what is the money in the come (just above
    where the 10 is in the field) for? The dealer seemed to have left it alone
    when you rolled the 3 😛 and when you rolled the 5. what’s it doing there?

  • 2kwoodzy 4 years ago

    watching all your vids. keep em coming!! oh and i subscribed 😉

  • washinmachin 4 years ago

    @clunkmess my friends and I call the 6-1 “the dirty seven”

  • Randy Choong 4 years ago

    I saw some 1 is cheating!!!!!!!! Point is 4,some 1 add his/her bets in
    don’t pass line,this casino is stupit? The cheater add bets in don’t pass
    line,the house advantages is -8.34.If can bets like this ,we can 100% win
    in craps!!!!!!!

  • Kaleb Newcomer 4 years ago

    Dealer was doing a lot of things wrong.

  • clunkmess 4 years ago

    @justjustinme the worst 7 is the 6 – 1, I call this “the violent seven”.

  • @clunkmess definately not. pretty sure it is golden nugget, thus the gold
    shirts on dealers etc.

  • RaileyLeo 4 years ago

    oh my gaw! the dealer needs to use 2 hands at all times! xD no full stick
    calls and one handed dealing?? whats the world coming to? lol

  • importcrzy505 4 years ago

    Nice game going…but you needed to place some odds behind your pass line
    bet man!

  • justjustinme 4 years ago

    how much are those blue chips worth that i see in the rack just in front of
    the camera? and those black/red ones? :S are you all high rollers?

  • ssrrapper 4 years ago

    This was helpful. Thanks for posting this.

  • 4teepee 4 years ago

    @BoiWonderSODMG A nine must have been what was rolled. Since the player
    next to the stickman already had a flat bet on the nine that was the same
    amount as his bet in the come, the dealer paid it “off and on.” It’s a
    shortcut to save the trouble of taking the bet off the nine and bringing
    the come bet onto the nine.

  • RyanMo35 4 years ago

    @NewkLambesis at 2:35 he takes money off of his working stack and sets it
    in the field… the player near the stick person just scoops it up. what
    was that about?

  • chazall 4 years ago

    If I had a dollar for every pixel in this video I’d have 1 dollar..!

  • flibberdajibbet 4 years ago

    Yeah it’s odds. He simply lays it that way because it looks like his flat
    bet is $20 and he puts odds of $40. The odds pay $20 and the flat pays $20.
    If the odds pay the same as the flat the bets are bridged to make the
    dealer’s job easier.

  • Skuzzy 4 years ago

    These players are noobs, they shoot random, no odds on the line, then come
    bets and no odds. Just came off making 2k from 100 bucks a few days ago.
    Thanks for video though!

  • Brett lacy 4 years ago

    love how he sevens out right when he starts filming

  • Thurmdizzle 4 years ago

    Golden Nugget