The Wizard explains to Angela the Odds bet in craps. How to make 0.00 a day Cash Money at casino the Po-Folks way Winning Craps system. Playing the don’t pass line. Video Rating: 3 / 5




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  • MartinBlanford 5 years ago

    It’s not a secret, everybody can play the don’t if they choose. The house
    doesn’t care if they do ’cause the house has the odds in their favor, even
    over those playing the don’t. You can not play WITH the house. Watch for a
    “hot” table? You can only tell if a table has been hot. You can not tell
    if it’s going to be hot. Nothing wrong with playing the don’t, but don’t
    anyone believe this will put odds in your favor.

  • jaime garcia 5 years ago


  • Gold Au 5 years ago

    Ur not the same odds with the casino because the 12 pushes for you. Plus
    what happens when u start rolling 7 11 on your cum out roll u loose. But
    for real I bet don’t pass most of the time when it’s another random shooter
    but when it’s me lol I’ll make like 5 passes in a row letting all my
    winnings ride hitting mad naturals in a row that’s how you win big at
    craps. But for real if you can’t seem to roll any naturals on your cum out
    or make ur points then bet don’t I guess but that’s backwards play for
    losers in my opinion. For me it’s pay the line all day.