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  • Brandon Hargitay 3 years ago

    how to u get in a game

  • Joseph Otter 3 years ago

    If he was sponsored by turtle beach headphones now THAT would be a deal

  • aya kreukk 3 years ago

    hahha surprise mothafucker…haha I hate that player…so annoying!

  • Tom Yazel 3 years ago

    over acting and its not even his money…

  • ScuI8aSteVe 3 years ago

    when is he gonna do another one of these videos

  • Saladin Gucman 3 years ago

    I think the cards are somehow digital and changes according to the number needed once scanned through that red line

  • Matt Fries 3 years ago

    Dude this guys is such a pussy. Any person who acts this way when he losses at Black Jack, should not be able to play.

  • Gian Harapan 3 years ago

    ROFL he is so funny

  • Ed Nash 3 years ago

    This is a very strange part of YouTube. A young man with a personality disorder playing relatively high stakes BJ, with the strangest alert sounds coming through. WTH?

  • Higuera Fager 3 years ago

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  • Sam Sky 3 years ago

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  • SpacedDuck's World 3 years ago

    I really really love it when this guy loses his shit. Imagine him not getting his way in a COD game. RIP TV, Controller and any small things nearby.

  • jerry choo 3 years ago

    did youtube pay u alot to gamble ?

  • Daii Sukii 3 years ago

    Addiction is a bitch. 😛 But fun to watch.

  • mariotubegr 3 years ago

    Sick gambler..

  • Andre Benoit 3 years ago

    So whats stopping you from counting cards?

  • slim shady 3 years ago

    What gambling website is this?

  • Mhmod Sres 3 years ago

    hhhhhhhhhh love you

  • Enrique Alvarado 3 years ago

    1:46 what does that new subscriber thing say and where is it from? I can't make out what she says lol