Horse Racing Today – – Rich from Racing Profits runs through his back results from September and reveals his approach and methodology to backing horses in UK races. In this video Rich covers the first 10 days of the month. You can rewatch this video here Video Rating: / 5

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  • roy cooper 4 years ago

    all he is doing is telling us what horses he backed

  • A tip for the future – don't describe each race and the horses. And I wouldn't back each way on anything less than 5/2 – it doesn't make mathematical sense. Thanks for sharing anyways…

  • Automatic Winners Review 4 years ago

    NIce horse racing betting system tips

  • Mick Mcknight 4 years ago

    A Fools game, no system works in terms of gambling, because you'll be "BACK" again to lose your winnings. It's human behaviour-"LONG TERM"- simple as.

  • happentodie 4 years ago

    gonna give your vids a go , im hoping to improve and focus my racing betting ,so im looking for advice from some pros ,

  • Jaun Mustapher 4 years ago

    Just out of interest I sent you an email asking if your results are proofed as there are none on your website. You didn't reply so I was just wondering if you have any proof that you make a profit?

  • Justice 4 years ago

    Is this about backing?

  • digitalsketchguy 4 years ago

    Betting is a mugs game. It destroys families and marriages and relationships. If there was ever a system that worked, it would be banned. Only the Bookies and Casinos make money from the mugs.
    Go and bloody well put some of that money in the poor box and stop being a selfish bunch of mugs

  • WSMDSA 4 years ago

    You can't win.

  • WSMDSA 4 years ago

    Mug punter.

  • awooga07 4 years ago

    I personally prefer dutching to e/w bets. The only time I bet e/w is if a horse is bigger then 12/1 

  • bob smith 4 years ago

    Excellent video

  • Gambled Horses 4 years ago

    yeh its a must mate as very little percentage of races is there a fix on for the one horse, id say 60% of races have more than one trier in the race..

  • Gambled Horses 4 years ago

    i actually like this ew on a 5/2 makes a lot of sense because many favs go down but are still in the first 2 or 3 due to simply the fav and another horse being triers, with the right staking plan or an increased method to maximise wins this can be the best way of betting trust me, hes right. used with my selection method ul never have to work again as such as my method rides on the bookies mind and what he knows, a true living symbiotic system..

  • AdvisingYou 4 years ago

    It's sad to see that someone trying to give genuine advice gets so little views. Where as scammers promising $1000s in minutes are flooded with views. Keep up the good work.

  • Racing Profits 4 years ago

    @WILLJEAKS send me an email and I will discuss the above with you in more detail – glad you enjoyed the video mate – Part 2 and Part 3 will follow later in the week.

  • william jeakins 4 years ago

    Is dutching a good betting strategy when backing?

  • william jeakins 4 years ago

    Excellent video,by the way how much is your monthly email service?

  • Jay C. Nehf 4 years ago

    HI Nick,You did an excellent job of explaining these wagers. I am an owner/trainer making a video explaining the experience of going to the races at Santa Anita to newcomers.   I would like to link this to my video.  Would you grant permission? I couldn't do it better myself.

  • candyapu3 4 years ago

    Monotone, but effective

  • Mini Poslovi 4 years ago

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  • neil saxton 4 years ago

    just use betfair place 1st 2nd and 3rd will pay

  • JapanFather 4 years ago

    thank you been waiting for this tutor……

  • john garcia 4 years ago
  • Nicks Picks 4 years ago