This is by no means a fool proof system. Roulette is all luck. I decided I would go ahead and make a real money video today. I’m playing European Roulette because they have one zero and no double zero. I play the same way as the video I made playing American Roulette. This is my […]




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  • Jack Torrance 1 year ago

    Pretty cool man! thanks for sharing.

  • HighBridRed 1 year ago

    Are you sure the game isn't choosing when you lose or win?

  • Yossi Axcellia 1 year ago


  • Luis Quintero 1 year ago

    It's a fake. I got 7 times the same color and I lost all I had. Don't lose you money with this.
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  • blinkyth3fish 1 year ago

    Just so you know, this does actually work, however you do need a large starting pot, 127 of whatever currency you use will cover you for 6 straight losses, which when you win, you will get back anyway.

  • AmazingVideosHD 1 year ago

    I lost 600$ with this :((

  • Max Cherniy 1 year ago

    Hi dude! I have a software for rng european roullete , it gives almoust every time exactly next number ,u can have good money from roulette contact me Skype: max333717

  • Alen Ban 1 year ago

    the number 22 out 3 times in a row !

  • mohammed masum 1 year ago

    where is ur next video then

  • Andrew Ross 1 year ago

    roulette rookie is a very apt name for you. the martingale system is completely laughable. I won't even begin to explain why. nobody here has the brain capacity to understand anyway.

  • Barney Clifton 1 year ago

    why not play on dozens?

  • neworleans 1990 1 year ago

    i just play 1 color the entire time i bet the same amount till i loose then i double my bet to cover my loss if i loose again ill triple the bet to cover the second loss and so on…then you start back at your original bet and continue the same pattern but not on online because it plays against you it realizes your betting the same and will bet against you everytime! it's best i just go to a real casino and play my luck on there wheel

  • Fady Serhan 1 year ago

    do u have a trust worthy website for real money roullete?

  • Kirkman Unrein 1 year ago

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  • Mellissa Acevedo 1 year ago

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  • ike ikii 1 year ago

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  • Rudy DeNecochea 1 year ago

    Thanks but,does this system only work on the Single 0 tables of Roulette?

  • Slavik Volkov 1 year ago

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  • vinceCarterVs 1 year ago

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  • Destroyer Roulette 1 year ago

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