Watch more How to Play Poker videos:… Learn how to calculate pot odds from poker champion Nick “Nicky Numbers” Brancato in this Howcast video. Hey, I’m professional poker player Nicky Numbers, and I’m going to talk to you about pot odds today. First of all, it’s really important to know what pot odds even […]

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  • Juan^ 5 years ago

    In the end there is mistake… Could u find it??

  • salty1264 5 years ago

    Whats with the dislikes?

  • Donny Production 5 years ago

    Quite interesting…

  • Chris Foye 5 years ago

    Nicky numbers I am one of about 5% of people who realised your surprising
    error here. Betting 75% of the pot is laying 2.3-1 pot odds. 

  • Lando Ware 5 years ago

    Very well explained!