Watch this video tutorial to learn how to play roulette in land casino and online. Everything about the roulette table, betting process, game instructions and the detailed description of roulette bets with the examples and explanation of payouts. You can find more information about how to play roulette and learn the game rules at […]





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  • Conan 3 years ago

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  • ARIZJOE 3 years ago

    Is that girl real or computer generated?

  • Viky Pamnani 3 years ago

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  • Roulette CC 3 years ago

    use roulettecc for online roulette
    and use roulettecc(dot)com/mobile if you want to play at the roulette table in a casino

  • Blowgun Guy 3 years ago

    she's skinny

  • - Roulette Prediction (Paul) 3 years ago

    RRSYS is a proven system, with live video have a look on my clips

  • Plysdyret1 3 years ago

    Yeah, roulette! I live in Denmark and have become a member of Grosvenor Casinos. I love to go to London and play.