YkUsN-GNCSY Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, interviews Michael “Wizard of Odds” Shackleford about blackjack. Mike answers some of the most common questions that players have about the game, plus he gives tips on how players can choose the best games, use the proper strategies and take advantage of the casino comping system. […]

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  • Kiana Russell 2 years ago

    JJ was right lol…… Never hit on a 12

  • Bradley Mayberry 2 years ago

    great video and enjoyed what he said about strategy

  • eric mordan 2 years ago

    o and one other thing thats wrong is blackjack is completely a guessing game its not a game of skill it is a game of luck just because he has a king doest mean u gotta it he can have a 3 2 or 4 under there. but u guys go on and gamble i know were all ignorant and arrogant about our egos but when u lose just come back and like my comment :D

  • eric mordan 2 years ago

    i drank two coors one time from a bottle at an indian casino before i knew it my 5k was gone in 20 mins and i woke up in the woods think i got ruffied and thats not a lie

  • eric mordan 2 years ago

    theres a few lies in this video the one is that other players dont mess up ur hands if ur playing right. that is 120% absolutely incorrect indian casinos do scams all day long to good peoples money play alone at blackjack on the manual shuffler if u let others sit they can fuck up the hands to give dealer a massive 12.5% edge
    u can trust me or u can believe this guy

  • SakuraHime Kaden 2 years ago

    one outs..the gambler tokuchi

  • Tonio Mac 2 years ago

    Leave When Your Up. Take Cash And Dip , Live To Fight Another Day!

  • GALLA 2 years ago

    "all these books are scams"
    at the end of the video : or you can buy my book gambling 102

  • john dory 2 years ago

    play only with dealer who shuffle manually

  • more like steve boring, but nice vid

  • John Rocker 2 years ago

    I completely understand basic strategy and I am proficient in counting cards using the high-low method…ie 2,3,4,5,6 = 1…tens, jacks, queens, kings, aces = -1….I understand my running count and my true count as well, but what I don't understand is when should I increase my bet? Does my TC need to be above 2? 4? 6?

  • Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城 2 years ago

    there was once a dude who used the martingale system and lost $100K his entire life savings on baccarat

  • tainle 2 years ago

    at 8:06 if you look at the dealer hand 5-8-8 which is 21 but she take the money of the person double down 3-8 and got a K that make it a 21 hand? wtf is going on?

  • Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城 2 years ago

    im addicted to these videos

  • bwneyez78 2 years ago

    hit on a "18", yeah right,smh

  • Sharpblade 2 years ago

    What 6 to 5 and 3 to 2?

  • Aurelijus Stonys 2 years ago

    In 8:05 minute dealer has 21 and player has 21, but dealer took the bet, not PUSHED :DDDDD

  • Eunah Chang 2 years ago

    he is faking too much

  • Mike Pritchard 2 years ago

    Other players affect you all the time by being dumb. Had someone new sit down, was betting max bet every hand, then started hitting on 19's / 20's. Lost me a pile of cash on one hand that I had split/doubled downed/and split/doubled again. Picked up my chips and watched this guy trying to impress his two arm candy girls by throwing away 10K+ in about 2 minutes.

    Came back 20mins later and watched him toss away another 20K hitting on 18/19/20s.

  • SocialDistortion83 2 years ago

    at the 8:00 mark the player double downs on an 11. the dealer gives him a face card. which makes 21. the dealer draws out 21. but the dealer takes the man's money… What the fuck happened to that being a pushed hand???