Understanding the Numbers is sure you will enjoy this video. If you want to learn to play craps, then you will gain a great… Video Rating: 4 / 5




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  • 1nickdel 5 years ago

    Jeez these videos are great!!! I’ve been playing a little while, and as I
    mentioned in a previous post on a different video, my wife wants to try it.
    These videos are gonna be a great tool to help her — or ANY beginner (and
    even some experienced players) — understand the game. Thank you for

  • meghana m 5 years ago

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  • taylorbw89 5 years ago

    @jefboyardee he is correct hes talking about the bet not the place value

  • 37rainman 5 years ago

    With all due respect to the title: You may learn to play, but you will win
    some of the time, and lose more of the time–giving you an overall loss.
    Casinos make money, (not lose money), on these games.

  • LineFieldandCorner 5 years ago

    @jefboyardee when he points, he’s describing the betting units, not the
    actual name of the number. On the 4&10; every 5 gets 9. On the 5&9; Every 5
    gets 7. On the 6&8; every 6 gets 7. tada… dice lesson….

  • indignant99 5 years ago

    He’s right… Six DOLLARS pays seven. Five DOLLARS pays seven. Five DOLLARS
    pays nine. Don’t mistake the amount of the bet, for the “point” number.

  • apantoja786 5 years ago

    great video! a great way to learn to play is go with someone who knows the
    game and follow his moves and get him to explain as you go.. i tried
    watching and didnt help till i was actually playing

  • Cosmiclady54 5 years ago

    Thanks for the video. On my way to casino this weekend. Learned alot. I
    printed the dice chart.

  • jefboyardee 5 years ago

    2:00 you say six pays seven, five pays seven and five pays nine, while
    youre pointing at the four. Otherwise, these are great lessons.

  • TuteskiVonTuteskovich 5 years ago

    the cum. lol

  • CSparkkz 5 years ago

    ahhh i need to hit the tables

  • Steve Crowley 5 years ago

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