Mike Aponte, professional blackjack player and former member of the MIT Blackjack Team, explains how to use simple guidelines to count cards. Read the full s…


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  • AlexanderCurran 5 years ago

    I get counting the cards. But what do you do once you have the count in
    your head? I don’t really understand it.

  • Khalid Ibrahim 5 years ago

    gta reference…

  • Joe Martin 5 years ago

    My head hurts 🙁

  • Karl Franks 5 years ago

    There is some quote from someone, can’t remember who, that’s like “counting
    cards is just playing black jack well”

  • iainadie 5 years ago

    it,s not fake dumbass the film 21 was made about this guy

  • CForce 5 years ago

    whenever its a fresh shuffle then yes

  • Ellu Sionist 5 years ago

    This is fake, if theres like +2, it doesnt help me to get blackjack at all.
    This makes u lose money.

  • PlyAlex 5 years ago

    I’m going to be so rich now! 🙂

  • mrflippant 5 years ago

    Shuffle doesn’t affect the count, because the same cards are still in the
    shoe; they’re just in a different order.

  • MONOPOLY35 5 years ago

    Aponte, you made a mistake at 1:20. Fewer blackjacks available is good for
    the dealer, not the player. If there is more blackjacks available for the
    player and dealer, the player wins out because they get 3:2 bonuses on

  • d4ark 5 years ago

    Is there any blackjack player in the casinos that doesn’t count cards then?

  • Talib Nizami 5 years ago

    Nice video.

  • Richard H 5 years ago

    agreed, i want the juicy stuff

  • LGBTvideos 5 years ago

    Oh ok thanks for letting me know. Just thought i’d ask because I’ve heard
    some casino dealers shuffles in the middle of a shoe as often as they want

  • pspgohacker123 5 years ago

    dumass wait for the count to go higher

  • ddwag1 5 years ago

    21 is still one of my favourite movies ever

  • David Robles 5 years ago

    i got it.. now I’m off to Vegas..

  • Jin Man Kim 5 years ago

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  • plopfish 5 years ago

    Yes he said that in the vid

  • claypool0 5 years ago

    He leaves out a lot, like converting that count to the true count. But what
    he explains is what u would have to practice first .

  • chalkers 5 years ago

    My head hurts!

  • Aleksander .B 5 years ago

    Dont listen to that guy, you cant keep counting after a shuffle, and the
    earlier the dealer shuffle the worse it is for a counter. Since you have to
    start counitng from the beginnning again after every shuffle.

  • Athang Jain 5 years ago

    Now i wanna go to Vegas.

  • looniaz 5 years ago

    that’s it? no more tutorials?

  • thanks lads, I can now retire and move to Las Venturas