Mike Brenner will see what is the edge will be in this NHL matchup and he will give a lean on Anaheim to win as his sharp NHL pick. Click on the link to read the article: Find more NHL Picks here: NHL Odds Available here: Follow us on Facebook Twitter […]




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  • AG47 Fantasy 3 years ago

    instead of saying 17-17-5, its better to say 17-22 unless you are betting within regulation lines and even then some of the 17 wins are in OT/SO where none of the 17 losses before were.

    My handicapping of that game is 100% on the goalie. If it is Gibson I like the Un5 and if it is the other guy I like the Senators pk. With that said it is just a lean for me to an will be interested in final result later on

    I only have one play tonight in NHL which is Fla pk-120