Watch as Dutch Boyd navigates through the final table in a Sunday k GTD tournament on Originally aired on – August 2, 2015. — Watch live at

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  • Alex Eiffert 4 years ago

    His name is asagohan-chan. In Japanese that's like Mr. Breakfast

  • Marco Franchetti 4 years ago

    Queens all day

  • Marco Franchetti 4 years ago

    Queen Dutch

  • BryGuyTube 4 years ago

    horrible play with the 79 os at about 18:00 other wise he's pretty solid from what I've seen 19 min deep

  • chris martin 4 years ago

    Simply good poker my friend. Up til the 15 minute mark I would say the only thing you did wrong I felt like was raising with Q8 off in 1st position which wasn't even a big deal or a mistake. After that I felt like 79 off was a mistake in 2 ways. I believe that was also in 1st position and I do realize your 5 handed and not to say before watching you in this situation I might of done the same thing but in saying that here's my thought process. Just fold pre especially when you just folded 910 off on the button previously (raise with 910 off there and fold 79 off). The 2nd part was interesting and I feel like I would of done what you did but after seeing it then it has to be a mistake right? He min raised you which as a thinking aggressive player we just never want to fold there no matter what we think of his hand especially in position with such great odds but in saying that I feel like he is giving us an easy way out of a big possible mistake on future streets by min 3bet raising us out of position pre so I feel pulled 2 ways about that.
    The flop bet was certainly a weird bet but smart if he puts us on absolutely nothing and if we turn a draw he might of reeled us in so I feel like we have to find a way to fold and if he keeps playing like that in the future we can exploit it in the most optimal way possible. What do you think about it all? Just wanted to pick your brain a little and see what you thought about what I thought. I'm going to continue watching the rest of the video