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  • Thomas Anderson 5 years ago

    Daniel Negreanu is so awesome, even when he loses he wins!

  • Adam James 5 years ago

    If you play poker all the time then It’s likely you thought of Q & A as
    Queen and Ace instead of Question and Answer.

  • behinderteleberwurst 5 years ago

    “[Reading hands] comes down to being smart about hand-reading.”

    Never would that have crossed my mind.

  • kevin doorley 5 years ago

    This mans one of the best in the business . Really knows what he is talking
    about . 

  • April Knarr 5 years ago

    thanx man for making these videos, teaching me alot before I go to the
    casino and play in a tournament for my first time !:P

  • Metallicaman1989 5 years ago

    daniel negreanu is a poker god plan and simple. If you dont think hes one
    of the best your just dumb. Look at his career stats. pretty freaking

  • bramadao 5 years ago

    yeah so? it’s a beggining…

  • donVisiore 5 years ago

    Because that’s the background of PokerVT. Go to the main page
    It’s in the first teaser. The image with that guy is also here pokervt .

  • thisfuckinsucks1 5 years ago

    how much dyu get like 0.75 cents

  • FranticMydlo 5 years ago

    Despite being a total amateur and playing in a pub with crazy players, i
    find from research my style is small ball, and i make the same calls when
    i’m sure i’m behind. Math makes you do dumb things 🙂

  • badmts 5 years ago

    it’s like the RING ! You’re DOOMED!

  • matyb129 5 years ago

    top comments; parahraph and a stupid sentence

  • bill24681 5 years ago

    dude.., this fucking shirt is too ugly.

  • Phil Ivey disliked this video.

  • EternalSilence 5 years ago

    He said “I called it like a donkey but that’s beside the point” He KNEW
    that he was going to make a bad call but he couldn’t get away from the
    hand. It’s not all that easy if you’re pot committed and/or conflicted
    about your beliefs. He’s not perfect.

  • EminemEsteem 5 years ago

    @stokventje woar in belgie?

  • EternalSilence 5 years ago

    It means that he thought that he made a dumb play. But he laughs it off.
    This is why Negreanu is so charismatic.

  • thc024 5 years ago

    i think its phil lak

  • Shaiki12 5 years ago

    @IranOveraDeer depends where you live…in B.C canada you have to be 19, in
    Alberta, you hafta be 18

  • Howard Ross 5 years ago

    maybe mike the mouth on the right

  • thisfuckinsucks1 5 years ago

    poker i sjust common sense buddy. where the fine tunning comes in is how to
    deal with the money.

  • SuperLoganjames 5 years ago

    thanks Daniel

  • rockytheafg 5 years ago

    @IranOveraDeer Here in Canada it’s 18….I don’t know about the rest of the

  • Snake Plissken 5 years ago

    Blinkin’ like a toad in a hail storm.

  • Kevin Holt 5 years ago

    Being a famous poker professional must be easier. Bear with me: They can
    see every hand the other people played after they go home and watch it on
    TV and study it for the next tournament or cash game. If I could study the
    guys I play against every week in the poker room by reviewing every hand
    they did/didn’t play and how they played it, I would be way way better off.