See the Updated Win Every Time Video Series HERE: Roulette, one of the easiest casino games to play and understand. We will go over the best strategy’s to win every time, and what to look for in a casino (as in, a casino that has the table setup to give you the best odds). […]

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  • Joe Campione 2 years ago

    Your breaking even every time

  • James B 2 years ago

    What is the point of betting red and black, and even and odd at the same time? It has no upside. You lose when you hit a 0 or 00. May as well just martingale one of each bet, even though you will end up losing anyways. The 5% edge CANNOT be beaten unless you rig the wheel.

  • PhillipReid28 2 years ago

    I bet on the outside but i have a different way and has brought me good fortune. I bet the 2nd-12 and 3rd-12 usually betting 25 on each one. The odds of me hitting 13 – 36 is 63% so you will make 25$ if you hit but lost 50$ if you miss. This is where the Martingale system works for me.

  • PhillipReid28 2 years ago

    this is a terrible system because you have a 5.2 % chance of hitting 0 or 00. You might as well use the Martingale betting system. If the minimum is 10$ then you could cover yourself almost 7 times (doubling up 6 times from 10 is 630$, 7 times is 1,270$). The problem here is the wheel is bias and a 47% chance of winning is almost a coin flip but i have seen it hit black 9 times in a row. Now yes it will eventually hit red and the only way to guarantee you win( using the Martingale system) is having a high enough bank roll like 10,000 but if the table minimum is 10, you can only bet to to 10,000 maximum.

  • Pete Wheeler 2 years ago

    Tables with max bets will not allow you to complete this strategy. Even the simple double down on a color strategy will get wiped after a run of off colors. Not to mention people with large enough bank rolls could care less than to grind roulette for hours just to make a hundred dollars.

  • Seldomane 2 years ago

    First of all, with 0/00 the game %'s are in the house's favor, even a "50/50" bet on black or red is actually a 47% gamble… Second of all, betting against yourself is pointless. This game is based on luck, which is why I only play it and not slots or cards, it's the most fair casino game I've played next to craps. Now you should know all casino's I've been to don't let you just put down 2 chips on the outer sections, 5 chips minimum on each thing, sometimes 10 chips minimum are the rules. You can put 2 chips on any number, but not the outside stuff. Soooooo you're foreign or you don't know what you're doing.

    Anyway, you can actually have a 70% chance of winning if you play the 3 the sections (1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12). If you're allowed 5 chip minimums, you put 5 on two sections, leaving one empty. You have just under a 2/3 chance of winning, which will earn you $5. Usually the table will change to $10 minimum if you do that more than a few times. They're jerks.

    The point is, depending on how much your playing, the best idea is to throw down 2 chips on 5 different numbers each turn. If you lose 9 turns, that's $90. If you win that 10th turn, you'll earn a lot more than you lost in total. People who put numbers down everywhere are wasting it, just trying to win something.

    If you want to win roulette: max out at $10 bets per turn. Bet on numbers, not on the side or 50/50 stuff. Trust your gut, but follow the previous winning numbers (if an 8 was just hit, maybe pick 8 as one of your five numbers that turn, you never know when it may double hit in a row. I've had a number triple hit in a row and I kept bettin on it every time because of situations like that. Follow the past winning numbers, you'd be surprised how often certain numbers will keep hitting. The probability of hitting another number is just as good, which is why you have to trust your gut and not listen to idiots like the guy making this video who's too much of a chicken to tell the world who he is and admit he doesn't have some magical system. sigh hoopleheads…

  • soluna668 2 years ago

    The fan spinning overhead makes this a little surreal.

  • Murphy James 2 years ago

    Net 0

  • John Doe 2 years ago

    Just bet a sixteenth of what you're willing to lose and double it til you win, you will have four fifty percent chances to get your original gain.

  • Maikel Shamoun 2 years ago

    Don't have to make five full of talking video's for this one idea !!!

  • thomas oliver 2 years ago

    Crazy the comments negating this strategy. Its funny that wikipedia states this strategy works as long as you have the funds to double up. why do you think he has to double up to 30 instead of 80. Because of this he cant make money past the second double up.
    Hmmm ad with that said isnt it ironic the table has a max bet. why would a casino that is garanteed to win, garanteed to have a edge say you cant double up indefinitely.

  • Master Movers 2 years ago

    He started betting with the house chips. If your going to do this you need to be inteligent.

  • Tommy Guarisco 2 years ago

    What is this? Amateur hour?!? Lol

  • Кира Звягина 2 years ago

    Found this casino through a fellow gambler >>>   !! Made my first deposit of 3000 euro and went after a couple of test spins all in on roulette double or nothing on black. After that I had 6020 euro in my cash account! So excited!

  • Anwu949-Mobile Gaming 2 years ago

    What is that app?

  • Dorian Mck 2 years ago

    What app were you using during the video

  • Abdukhamid Abdusalomov 2 years ago


  • C. Young 2 years ago

    Casino Roulette is totally rigged. If you don't think so, then take any head/tail coin, flip it, and try to get 5 or 6 or more of either "heads" or "tails" in a row. Sure it is possible. Most likely you are going to spend a day or longer getting this combination. Now go to the roulette wheel. The dealer will spin 5 or more "blacks" or "reds" each hour. This will be multiple "blacks" or "red" in a row each hour!!! What the dealer does at the wheel with long strings of "blacks" and "reds" every hour is impossible with just a two sided normal coin shaked or flipped randomly. The dealer does this to run dry those who are doubling up or increasing their bet on positions that have not come up for a while. If you place a small coin in a glass jar and shake it all around before it lands on the bottom of the glass jar this adds even more randomness to the experiment. Record the number of consecutive "heads" or "tails" you get each hour. Sure you are going to get three or four "heads" or "tails" in a row occasionally. You just will not see 5 and 6 and more consecutive "heads" or "tails" each and every hour. Even if you take that same jar with a coin into a casino, and do the same experiment all those consecutive "heads" and "tails" just are not going to happen each hour. In other words the game is RIGGED. That rigging could be as simple as how and where the dealer releases the ball or how fast the table is spinning. But it no doubt is RIGGED nonetheless. This video is assuming no rigging and total randomness. It just will not work in Vegas with any experienced dealer! If you doubt me, do this simple coin experiment on your own or go to Vegas and lose that $1000 bucks real fast at the wheel. Get out of the naivety matrix and get some smarts about you. I am not saying "do not play the wheel." Just know that it is not random like this guy is implying. This is the first step in getting good at the wheel.

  • Ahmed Raza 2 years ago

    make a video on corner bets

  • David Hong 2 years ago

    Did he just say bet all 6 (1:1 odds) within 1 minute of the video?

  • Frank Squire 2 years ago

    cash in