Gaming expert Barney Vinson and host Cheryl Maxfield deliver comprehensive, advanced instructions on how to play winning Roulette. roulette, Las Vegas, casin… Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • TeamThorntonGames 5 years ago

    at 12:14 she takes off a winning bet….wtf…what a whore.

  • TheCobalt100 5 years ago

    CAUTION: Learn how to count exactly what you should get back if you win.
    Dealers in roulette are notorious for making errors.. Also, never tip the
    dealer. You lower your odds if you do. 

  • HyperSpify 5 years ago

    Here’s the best strategy for roulette: don’t play. Anyone with basic math
    skills can figure that out.

  • Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis 5 years ago

    This croupier is an idiot.

  • downtownlife 5 years ago

    hilarious… advance luck.

  • BruceLee Fannl 5 years ago

    The dealer is making a mistake:
    the number 10 black is on and she is removing the winning jeton who was
    placed on the numbers 1 to 10 block.
    So watch your jetons, this was a mistake off the dealer.
    See me on youtube:

  • GM Chess Academy 5 years ago

    Another sad video that does not provide insight. Oh and miss named too. Yes
    there are answers to Roulette. I came to YouTube to compare strategies as
    I’m looking for better answers or the so called holy grail answer of
    predicting a number one in ten spins or less. So far every video speaks
    only of double down system and not even the plans to outlast flukes beyond
    seven spins!!! Wikipedia offers more than that though it too will not give
    any answer other than luck and start quoting math theory. I’m starting to
    think its like magicians not revealing their secrets to the laity. Anyway
    let me search sum other vids and see if anyone is doing other than wasting
    peoples time and generating ad revenue. Perhaps I should make a “REAL”
    strategies video in 13 mins or less that doesn’t give away the answer but
    at least gives one a chance to learn how to get to the answer. Hmmm….have
    to think on that….anyway still searching for deeper insight. YES love

  • shak canter 5 years ago

    they dont even know how to play the game them self, at 12:10 when it came
    on number 10 the lady should have won something has she put money on 1-12

  • Renata Maye 5 years ago

    If I place a $1. chip in a column bet, (in electronic roulette game), does
    that mean I am paying only $1. to cover all the numbers in that
    column??? Or is it 1 dollar x each # in the column???

  • Dion1957 5 years ago

    ADVANCED?????? Give me a break!

  • B17Engr 5 years ago

    Lost wages, Nevada

  • camb350bebo 5 years ago

    I love how people comment “you can’t win” “roulette is a losers game” ect
    ect. With some basic knowledge, observations and calculations. It can be a
    simple game.

  • Nathan Warnick 5 years ago

    barney stinson you say..

  • LeafFanRyeGuy 5 years ago

    Worst educational video ever. 

  • stathis karampoikis 5 years ago

    on 12.16 number 10 and the dealer is cleaning the first dozen as well

  • Chris Rivera 5 years ago

    Gotta love how that woman says Barney’s name twice in a row. 20:15 – 20:17.

  • NothingMaster 5 years ago

    I’ll bet all my chips on Cheryl, with confidence; knowing that she’ll rock
    my boat and blow my mind! ;)

  • Brian Hertsenberg 5 years ago

    Barney has seen some shit in his day.

  • vcoaster 5 years ago

    “ADVANCED”??? This video apparently was designed for the mentally
    challenged. Roulette 101. The casinos produced this to make it look so
    “easy” to win.

  • Richard Kelch 5 years ago

    youtube – Casinos will Shutdown Roulette Convert Random Numbers to easy
    read Graph Format

  • Oxley Pilot 5 years ago

    payouts differ as well as table limits for each table and each casino

  • Metalman200xdamnit 5 years ago

    15:20,she took a line bet off that was a winner and she left the 10 up. I
    seriously hope she does better on a real game.

  • Kyle Footer 5 years ago

    12:12 .. i’m confused.. the ball landed on 10 and the bettor put a chip on
    1st 12.. why didn’t she win? 10 is within 12 I thought.. someone please
    help me

  • bfurl69 5 years ago

    That dealer removed a couple of winning bets (1 to 12 and a double street
    bet, that I saw). And always tip your dealers, unless youre a cheap skate,
    in which case, go watch a movie instead!! Lol

  • mitch42165 5 years ago

    At 16:23, the dealer short changes the winner. supposed to pay $105, she
    only gave $65! Crooked dealer!