Sodapoppin betting big in blackjack! Subscribe for daily twitch content. Video Rating: / 5

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  • itzmurda27 4 years ago

    What site is this

  • Stephen Viafore 4 years ago

    This is def a noob question but whatever, what is this kid playing on and how can I play?

  • War Has No Rules 4 years ago

    Sodapoppin This aint your money just money that has been given to you to play. So realy you have no balls.

  • Piet Jan 4 years ago

    dat prostitute too.

  • Matthew Zweig 4 years ago

    Shoutout to the guy who hit hard 17 with 7 showing at around 7:55

  • promemes 4 years ago

    tobias – fozy? damn, those flashes hurt my eyes

  • tj maui 4 years ago

    Somebody buy this guy a basic strategy card!

  • Emrah Ulas 4 years ago

    what did he say at 2 34 i cant hear?

  • obiwanfisher537 4 years ago

    The odds are not in your favor. 10 is the most likely card to get drawn.

  • Tyler Ingram 4 years ago

    What game is this?

  • jonnyB 4 years ago

    what site is this

  • Jonathan Leack 4 years ago

    Can the person at the table hear you speaking?

  • RSiTzRobertz 4 years ago


  • Rui Sousa 4 years ago

    his dogs stream is more interesting than him

  • Fr4glich 4 years ago

    Edward is watching him!

  • Chaddy Warden 4 years ago

    This is so delayed…… :/

  • jamesbailR6 4 years ago

    Thanks for the upload man!
    Sodapoppin back on form.

  • DailyDoseOfHighlights 4 years ago
  • Steven Bell 4 years ago

    why do peopletip so much to blckjack dealer and i have to deliver heavy furniture all day and never get tips. also work 10$ an hour

  • Dillon 4 years ago

    The payout is awful…

  • The Boss 4 years ago

    how would I win my 15K back if it's even possible? do I take another 15k and just play one hand?

  • Gen X Murse 4 years ago

    A 6:5BJ and Soft 17 hit table?  Hell the fuck no!!!

  • Sam P 4 years ago

    Nice result! Shouldn't play on the 6:5 tables though, looks like nothing but it starts to show when you wager $50 and get paid $60 on your blackjack instead of $75.

  • 216designs 4 years ago

    only fools play on a 6:5 table. sorry bro

  • Timmy Lenni 4 years ago

    the videotaker sounds like michael from gta 5

  • Robert Weich 4 years ago

    i hope he was credited on his players card for that bet.

  • Robert Weich 4 years ago

    wowzers! ouch

  • Jose Herrera 4 years ago

    6:5 is a horrible pay out

  • Starving Wolf 4 years ago

    oK IDK WHAT HE KNOWS AND I DON'T BUT MY BOY GOES TO CASINOES WITH US AND HE DOES 2 HANDS, AND 2 SIDEBETS(10,10,10,10. $) fucking dollars a hand, but i have never seen him lose….ever.He loses hands but then 2 hands later wins stacks . I think he is magic.

  • steve steve 4 years ago

    Never tip your dealer. They never tip me when I leave with no money.

  • kareem ahmed 4 years ago

    I could of won a million I still would never tip them! they work for a business thats built on robbing peoples money.
    Even that there not the ones doing it there supporting it

  • PoolBoysTX1 4 years ago

    How I miss guys night out… Nice 1

  • Robert Robb 4 years ago

    He may have won, but we all lost.  Anytime people play at a table that pays 6:5 on blackjack, they are contributing to the demise of the game.  That single change more than quadruples the house edge.  Casinos won't offer those games if people don't play them.  So way to go guy in the video, you're ruining blackjack for the rest of us.  Don't be like this guy…if it doesn't say "Blackjack pays 3:2" on the felt, run away.

  • tony232cool 4 years ago

    great hand. I just made 1230 hand with 13 against dealer Jack and won. it was the hard way. 

  • MONOPOLY35 4 years ago

    3:2 blackjack is better. The house edge is 1.5% lower than the 6:5 games. How dare you support such terrible blackjack rules. Doing so will make blackjack conditions worse in the future.

  • SpicyHam 4 years ago

    That's a good win!

    I always tip the dealer at least a negative 3 trillion


  • Alex Krsto 4 years ago

    who the fuck tips a black jack dealer? seriussly?