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  • john smith 4 years ago

    That's a tough hand to get away from. He placed Dwan on the flush draw or maybe trips. He just didn't think he'd call that much money.

  • Hashslingingslasher 4 years ago

    that HAS to be a horrible feeling

  • wismilak PKR 4 years ago

    That's POKER !

  • Elma Fagley 4 years ago

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  • Nat Turner 4 years ago

    He should have called the re-raise and pushed on the turn he prob would have won it!!

  • Jake Jeffery 4 years ago

    lol init such fags

  • Jacob Andersson 4 years ago

    Ita amazing how much you do for some easy money,, .. all that time and effort for a single youtube comment,, I refuse to believe that those 18 likes,, are from real ppl.. if they are.. im gonna shoot myself in the head right now.
    I hope people like you (OP) ,, drops dead on the street .. karma is a bitch,..

  • lwc888 4 years ago

    do real men say "gosh"??? I have never heard a straight man say "gosh" in real life.

  • Garo IOninetysix 4 years ago

    lol that part was hilarious

  • chris mariano 4 years ago

    @pdezaok yeah poker is my second income, i prefer to play with real money so its a proper game. you can get 5 pounds to start playing here >

  • yosef Krishan 4 years ago

    ivey was stupid by raising all in… childish move there ivey!!! I'm not so pro but wouldn't play it like that not even on 100$ pot… dwan is a lucky bastard damn how a small hand can turn world records !!!

  • MUSIC LOVER RECORDS 4 years ago

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! lol

  • hmgl3oi69 4 years ago

    I think he did take the time into consideration, but fail to realize that Dawn had a higher straight. Any champion could have saw that he must have a higher straight after that reraise.

  • TKcreeps 4 years ago

    i wonder if he took into consideration the time it took dwan to make the reraise… Usually what they say is that if it takes a person a long time to think about the situation and then raises they have a strong hand. But with dwan could use that against him too … tricky tricky

  • FloppyBit 4 years ago

    that's why suited connectors are worth playing sometimes

  • Grymmorgan 4 years ago

    I love this one, fundamental point: that when you know you're up against either a bluff/weak hand or a monster (and nothing in between), and they've raised you…there's no point in raising again. No amount of money is going to earn you any value if they fold, and everything above a call is just thrown away if they have you dominated.

    So simple, but so easy to overlook/forget!!  :^D

    Thanks, Dan'l!!

  • Carl Johnson 4 years ago

    Two thumbs up! Learned a lot from this strategy.

  • Ivan Timothy 4 years ago

    I would've re-raised him to make him fold. Keep'em guessing you know.

  • Jan Willem 4 years ago

    he could have made a value bet at the end, if the opponent would have fold he would have had the exact same as he has now, if he calls he has more. i think im smart but he is a pro player lol, not gonna argue with him haha

  • materiauser 4 years ago

    It would be an easy decision actually, if he does raise then it's almost guaranteed that he has it – easy fold.

  • Jeroewntje 4 years ago

    but what if he did have a full house and shove all in then you're left with a pretty hard decision. and also daniel negreanu doesnt say this alot but he rather plays small pots than big ones for safety and durability

  • peeledfish 4 years ago

    david vamplew has over 2 million in live cashes and 1.5 million online. hardly a "noob". also he had QQ in this hand, he was value betting the river, not bluffing

  • Lui V 4 years ago

    Everyone knows this, probably even the guy U corrected lol

  • Janos Molnar 4 years ago

    Hehe milk them noobs danny

  • materiauser 4 years ago

    mmm but if he folds the river he doesn't get to see your hand. I'd bet the river and let him fold.

  • Zeno1999 4 years ago

    Poor novice got milked by his own bluffs 🙂 Daniel is the master Pokerstar !

  • kieren james 4 years ago

    thanks for the video.

  • skillfuldabest 4 years ago

    umm i think i know that. I found out yesterday that i have played over 9 mirron hands on PS 😛

  • JDLupus 4 years ago

    Nice thumbnail, Daniel 🙂

  • Rolands Vitols 4 years ago

    It's UTG..

  • skillfuldabest 4 years ago

    Raising YOU TEE GEE…lol

  • Boyan Stanchev 4 years ago

    i expected K8

  • Diavolo222 4 years ago

    That was a very nice hand Daniel 😀