Details In this video, blackjack expert, Henry Tamburin, gives details on the five biggest blackjack myths. Topics covered include: th… Video Rating: 4 / 5 In this video, blackjack expert, Henry Tamburin, gives details on the five most misplayed hands. Some of the topics covered in… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • 37rainman 4 years ago

    “every hand has a 48% chance of winning if you exclude the ties”

    I assure you that your chances of winning your next hand is NOT 48%

  • Shifa Shawk 4 years ago

    Very good tips. However I totally disagree that positive betting
    progression does not work. Mr. Tamburin has completely ignored hot and cold
    streaks which occur all the time in every Casino game. The only way to win
    big is to go with the flow. If the table is hot, bet progressively higher
    amounts and in no time you will walk away a huge winner. If you loose 4
    hands in a row, simply quit and come back later. 

  • Joe Petrick 4 years ago

    cards have no memory?? the shoe has memory, this is total bullshit. the
    THE DECK. 

  • TheGenini1 4 years ago

    Technically #4 is wrong. Statistically after a loss your odds of winning
    the next hand go up by around .1% It’s still a losing game though.

  • LordKelvin100 4 years ago

    If his Myth #3 were true, then card counting is a waste of time and effort.
    Unless it’s a continuous shuffle, the cards most certainly *do* have a

    #2 is pretty irrelevant. How many casual players even know the basic
    strategy? If they don’t know that, then they won’t know a good play from a
    bad one. Either way, you’ll catch hell if you “take” the dealer’s break

  • Infinity 2 Global VIP I2G 4 years ago

    Luv these kind of videos ;-)

  • froobalation 4 years ago

    Myth 2 contradicts myth 4. Myth 1 put me to sleep. Also if that was the
    case what about the even money you can’t take because the ace was under?
    It’s not a simple 69/31

  • americancasinoguide 4 years ago

    The advice is the same in either situation.

  • todd white 4 years ago

    Henry is correct, just don’t buy any of his books LOL

  • Joe Maples 4 years ago

    Im a low stakes counter, and Im successful. Everything this guy says is
    correct, although it does seem easy to misinterpret some of it you are not
    an expert because he is not totally clear (like he says the cards have no
    memory–they do not have memory in the context of the video, but they have
    memory only for the way i play). Anyone who insists this guy is DEFINITELY
    wrong is an idiot, like the ones who blame me when they lose, never
    considering my winning is anything except pure luck.

  • DukeofColumbia 4 years ago

    From what I’ve read . . . taking the insurance bet is a BAD bet to make?

  • rsm1113 4 years ago

    Myth 5 is incorrect. Myth 4 is incorrect. Myth 3 didn’t make sense to me.
    Myth 2 DEFINITELY INCORRECT! Other players DO make a difference to the
    hands. It’s called taking the dealer bust card! I do agree on Myth 1.
    Generally, his math is incorrect. How can you assume 48% on each hand when
    you are taking cards away from the deck? As each card is used, the odds
    change. If it is 48% each hand, that means the deck resets at each hand.
    That’s the only way.

  • Joe Maples 4 years ago

    The chances that all 10s would be gone from a multi-deck show are
    astronomical. If you werent counting, how and why would you incorporate the
    number of unplayed into deciding how to play your hand? ur gonna just guess
    they’re are not a lot 10s? bad idea, like when people change bet amounts
    dependent on how many players at the table, senseless. If ur counting, then
    ud have long quit playing before the 10s are gone.

  • randy95023 4 years ago

    Sometimes you DO have a “moron” sitting to your right and that is never

  • americancasinoguide 4 years ago

    Sorry, but Henry is correct and you are incorrect. Just because a player
    takes a dealer’s bust card one time doesn’t mean it will always be that
    way. Sometimes they hurt you, sometimes they help you, but in the long run
    it doesn’t matter what they do. Just play your cards and don’t worry about
    everybody else.

  • rsm1113 4 years ago

    That makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.

  • americancasinoguide 4 years ago

    Henry is talking about a basic strategy player and not a card counter. The
    basic strategy could change when counting cards, based on the true count.

  • InappropriateComment 4 years ago

    Actually, a poor player is more likely to eat up more low value cards
    taking hits and increase your true count temporarily. In the long run the
    quality of other people’s play simply does not impact your game.

  • balooko31 4 years ago

    Good advice, especially the even money. I always try to convince players
    not to take it when I play (same with insurance).

  • MondoLeStraka 4 years ago

    Semyon Dukach says it makes no difference in the long run OR short run. He
    says that it’s an illusion that it makes a difference.

  • hellmage09 4 years ago

    This guy knows what he’s talking about.

  • Joe Maples 4 years ago

    Odds are based on an infinite deck or on the first hand of a shoe. Odds
    fluctuate, but average out to be exactly what they were at the beginning.
    And its not really 48%. He’s saying its close to a 50/50 game…the average
    player loses 2% of what he bets. You will only win 43% of the hands, the
    dealer will win 48%. This is why people are so bad at blackjack. You spell
    it out to them in plain english, and you can even demonstrate by winning.
    Nope, they dont understand so u must be wrong.

  • americancasinoguide 4 years ago

    If you are following basic strategy you should never take insurance. If you
    are counting cards, there are some instances where you would want to take

  • The Shamus Of Slots Super Slot Fan Site 4 years ago

    Steve … thanks for doing such a great service for the gaming community.
    Your channel has established itself as one of the premier sites for
    accurate gaming information. You do a great service … and I hope lots of
    players pick up your casino guide!

  • CasinoNews 4 years ago

    Interesting, thx for Upload. 🙂

  • Mitjitsu 4 years ago

    The biggest misplay in BJ is when I see people insurance.


    If everyone plays by the book the table loses. I always like having 1
    crazy guy on the table to switch things up.

  • Melanie I 4 years ago

    OK guys I was at the Casino the other day and I saw something that no one
    would do but it actually happened. This old geezer sits down and was
    thinking on all of his hands, you know a slow breather…. Anyways…the
    dealer is kickin all of our butts and even the old man is playing by the
    book to a T. Then he does something that got everyone attention. He tucked
    a 2 and a 3. He kept on losing on 19’s and 20’s and pushing on 21’s…. He
    was like I can’t win no matter what I do… So like I said he tucked his 5
    and we all won because of him. The dealer pointed out that if he had hit
    that the dealer would of made a 20 and beat everyone. We all thanked him
    for his bravery and he changed the cards, because it paid off for him and
    everyone at the table.
    This is nothing more then a game of pure chance! Enough said.

  • Gary Brewer 4 years ago

    the win rate spilting 8s in 26 out of 100 ,

  • poochpoints 4 years ago

    Considering misplayed hand #1 not splitting 99’s vs 9. Why is it that basic
    strategy says not to split 99’s vs 7 but allows splitting of 99’s vs. 8?
    When you have a soft hand of 18 vs 8 you stand, so why wouldn’t you stand
    with 99 vs. 8?

  • Voan Shy 4 years ago

    what? surrender? I don’t have that option. at least online casinos/live

  • Zoe .Marks 4 years ago

    Bottom line is you’re going to lose every time in the long run.

  • Kavon Jones 4 years ago

    This guy split 2 10s costing everyone at the table their last earning
    3would have 21 2 would have 19. Everyone at the table told him not to. He
    didn’t care he had chips for days. 

  • Timothy Johnson 4 years ago

    I like how during the hand demo’s every time the right card came up to win
    in favor of your facts. I would think you would wanna surrender your pair
    of 8’s vs a face if anything. What are the odds of winning your 8’s split
    vs a face like 40%? Im not giving my money to the casino. You guys work for
    the casino for gosh sakes.

  • seg9585 4 years ago

    Blackjack player here, and the most common play inconsistencies I’ve seen
    occur as follows:
    – Hard 16 against dealer 7 (I usually stay, more cards result in bad hand
    than 17)
    – Soft 17 against dealer 7 or 8 (I stay in dealer 7 but hit on dealer 8)
    – 13 against dealer 2 (Usually hit, but go back and forth on this one)
    – Double downing soft 14, 15, or 16 against dealer 4 or 5 (Usually double
    down against 5 but not 4)

    I know the basic strategy cards tell you what to do, but can anyone justify
    the correct plays here?

  • Luiz Miranda 4 years ago

    I would like to know if playing two hands would increase my chances of
    winning or just playing one hand using a progressive betting system would
    be better. please let me know

  • LastCommodore 4 years ago

    These are no-brainers if you know basic strategy.

  • Konstantin Denis 4 years ago

    QUESTION: – 3 card hard 16 vs dealer 10 is stand regardless of the number
    of decks used or only refers to single deck games ? (with 8 decks I think
    is HIT)

    PS: Also the video exemplified a situation without a 10 value card (7,5,4)
    in it.
    – Would be the same STAND if the hand were composed of 10,2,4 instead ?

  • gary hall 4 years ago

    hi! I’d like to make you a better gambler with just two easy step!

    step one. put your money back in your pocket
    step two. go home. you cant beat the casino

  • NACHO ACOSTA 4 years ago

    Splitting 8’s I never knew.. I tried it on a $600 bet yesterday and it

  • Melanie I 4 years ago

    I saw a guy last week have $1,000 chip on the table and he saw a 4 up card
    and he got so excited to split his 8’s. 2-3-4-5-6 are not “Bust Cards” but
    people believe that to be the case. I said I would do that I were you.
    Well, he said, you’re kidding me right?? You have to split that!! The book
    says. I was like the book?? O.K. Have at it. He split it and got a 2
    doubled down and got a 10 for a total of 20 and the other hand he got a 3
    and doubled that one too ( can you see where the greed is going with this
    one ) he got a 9. You should of seen the smile on his face when he had
    $4,000 dollars out there on the table knowing he is a winner. He split both
    and doubled both. Dealer said, “Let’s do this come on!!” Dealer pulls a 6
    and an ace and he lost $4,000 in one hand. I told him in his ear to
    surrender he was like no way. $500 dollar loss hurts the pocket and the ego
    and I get that….But you should of seen his face after he lost 4 grand. He
    was beside himself, so mad/upset that he just dropped that kind of money.
    The house has the advantage no matter how you look at it. Greed is the
    number one killer of dreams. And as far as “the book” is concerned that is
    nothing more then a joke. It doesn’t align with reality. You can do all the
    math and science behind it but when it comes to going to an actual casino
    and throwing you heart into “the book” you will usually if not always get
    screwed. Sure you can win too, but the chances of losing are so much
    greater then “the book” and other players and dealers will lead you to
    believe. He then got a pair of 8’s and he split that against the 10 up card
    because he asked the dealer, what would you do and the dealer said, “that’s
    a hard one, but…..the book says to always split.” Well he did and again
    he got great cards, and ace and another ace, 19 and 19. Dealer pulled a 10
    and a 10. What a waste of money. He dropped about $50,000 and I thought
    this guy was going to have a heart attack from all the stress and
    misguidance he received from others. I say, rules are for fools. I have
    been playing blackjack since 2001 and have noticed so many inconsistencies
    with all these book theories and how the Casino’s embrace the book so much
    and pass it on to their players. I went with $5,000 and came home with
    $50,500. How? I didn’t listen to books, I didn’t listen to dealers, pit
    bosses or anyone else. I went with my gut. I did not count cards but I
    certainly kept my eye open to see what has come out and tried to predict
    what may come out next. The best thing in my opinion is to reserve a table
    if you can and have at it one on one or play two hands if you must but
    reserve the table so you can do whatever your heart desires without any
    pressure from anyone including yourself to please others, so not to show
    how bad of a player you are. I never think I am a bad player because I
    don’t follow the rules. How many people on the highway or freeway do you
    see following the rules//speed limit?? Sure people go 65 in a 65 but most
    don’t. Why? Because it just feels right and they don’t have fear….think
    of it that way. Scared money and rules just don’t win in my opinion. 

  • michael sumner 4 years ago

    He said you should surrender if odds are less than 50% to play the
    hand….. then… on the #2 example… he says you should hit the soft 18
    and you increase from winning 8 outta 20 to winning 9 outta 20…. well…
    that is still less that 50%… shouldn’t his advise have been to surrender
    there also…. very inconsistent…

  • alan spurlock 4 years ago

    this example where he describes the 16 vs 10 in the scenerio of drawing it
    represents thinking in a one or two deck game. not in a modern casino where
    the shoes r 6-8 decks

  • ammar azzawi 4 years ago

    the only way you can beat the casino in BJ is by having small sessions 5 to
    10 mins then a break, you could also lose but you’re more likely to win
    i’ve tried it many times i dont make much but thats the only way to chip up
    and leaving the table when the count is against you

  • Debora Accettura 4 years ago

    Dallas Fort Worth Casino party, The five most misplayed hands in blackjack.

  • Psi Clops 4 years ago

    Maybe I’m nuts, but that “always split 8s” thing doesn’t make sense to me.
    If you split them, thus doubling your bet, and you go from winning 23% to
    38% of the time, you haven’t doubled your winning percentage. If you went
    from 23% to 26%, then that would make sense What am I missing? It seems
    to me that you lose twice as many bets a significant percentage of the
    time. Does anybody get this and can you explain it to me?

  • adam blocker 4 years ago

    who wouldn’t luv to party with these two guys in vegas #hangover4

  • Wolfgang Steinkogler 4 years ago

    The Five Most Misplayed Hands in Blackjack

  • Terry Wethers 4 years ago

    @ sfsffsffsfs – You have NO clue OR work for the casinos. Statistically,
    hitting 16 results in a BUST for the players because there are more cards
    that will BUST the players than will help them. Yet, you claim they should
    hit 16 100% of the time.

    This claim ignores that fact that there are more cards in any shoe/deck
    that would BUST the player as opposed to help them win. The purpose of
    playing is to WIN!!!

    The fact that this thread prevents any REPLY to ignorant statements that
    are clearly in favor of casinos should be considered by anyone readity this

    sfsffsffsfs is apparently a casino employee working to help you loose all
    your money. IGNORE his statements and pay attention. Good LUCK to you

  • MONOPOLY35 4 years ago

    Card counters are advised by Ian Andersen to play some of those commonly
    misplayed hands incorrectly to decrease casino heat at minimal cost.