Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, interviewed syndicated gaming writer John Grochowski for this video where John gives his picks for the five worst bets in a casino. Games covered include: keno, slots, baccarat, craps and the big six wheel. Get more than 200 casino coupons and save more than ,000 – […]

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  • indignant99 3 years ago

    I am just entertained and chuckling that craps is highly-ranked on both the [ Best of / Worst of ] lists of casino games. (In fairness, baccarat was on both lists, too.)
    The optional bets in both games, have sharp dividing lines between the good and bad bets.

    Craps definitely appeals to me as a math-junkie, but additionally, I am supremely entertained by the betting patterns of fellow players on the table.

    { Anecdote: On ten-player tables, usually only myself and perhaps one other player, play a very disciplined low-house-edge betting strategy. Very fun watching goofus betting, and goofus shooting. On the other extreme, I've been on a three player table (including me) where all of us employed only really low-house-edge bets. It was fun… We were all ahead of the house; not by huge amounts, but positive territory nevertheless. }

    My last gambling visit, on a ten-person table, my $100 stake (in fairness, I had a second $100 prepared for deployment, but was never needed) played for less than 90 minutes, and colored up for $250. Yet… I stayed in the casino another 5 HOURS just watching the craps table, serving about 8 players. It was the best entertainment – and free – I have enjoyed in the last handful of years.

  • Papa Oso 3 years ago

    Ironically the big wheel is the only game ive ever won good money on.

  • Alpha Prime 3 years ago

    if you play the big six right and smart it has very good odds .

  • Robin Deschambeau 3 years ago

    Does it make sense to hedge the point (8,4,6,10) on the the hard way numbers when you're laying on the Don't pass?

  • Tom g9 3 years ago

    true but the tie bet sometimes works if you bet in a shoe who was had very few tie bets.   sometimes it works 

  • Larry Stewart 3 years ago

    @americancasinoguide>> i understand but u didn't name it as a top 5 bad bet!!! Thats all im saying

  • Larry Stewart 3 years ago

    He didn't name the field bet in craps!!!! Because the field isn't a bad bet if u know how it works…. Bet big on the field when the field is coming consistently and bet small when it isn't showing as much, know when it's time to leave and you should be able to leave with some change but only if you know when to LEAVE!!!!! God, Family & Peace

  • donny v vally 3 years ago

    craps if the dice are rolling good and you know how to bet yes you can put a dent in the crap table the other advantage is that you can bet against the dice betting on the don't side and that my man are tha facts

  • donny v vally 3 years ago

    traditionally you bet the tie hand in baccarate on the last hand its just for fun especially ir it hits lol but in my opinion yes baccarate is the best odds for your money in all casinos games  and that is the facts my man

  • Eddie J 3 years ago

    I don't agree with the hard ways being a bad bet because you can cover it by placing the regular number. If I place the 6 and 8 for $25 and bet the hard ways for $10 each its a great cover. I normally don't bet the hard ways until I win on a regular 6 or 8 so I'm just betting it with winning anyway.

  • Chumbersdee 3 years ago

    The 3 card bonus on Let it Ride is ridiculous. House edge is like 50% to 80%. Biggest sucker bet I've ever come across.

  • lovemuffin1963 3 years ago

    They have electronic versions of #1 I won tons of money on it.

  • FortNikitaBullion 3 years ago

    You forgot about the insurance bet in blackjack

  • FortNikitaBullion 3 years ago

    I can write a shorter casino book with better advice. it would consist of just two words: Don't go.

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    The YO is also a bad bet. The true odds of rolling an 11 are 17-to-1, but the casino will only pay you 15-to-1 which gives them an 11.1% advantage. Additionally, if the payoff is shown on the layout as 15-for-1 rather than 15-to-1 the casino edge will be even higher at 16.7% There are much better bets to make that much lower casino advantages.

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    The problem with a field bet is that there are 20 ways to roll the 4 losing numbers and only 16 ways to roll the 7 winning numbers and even after factoring in the double payoff for the 2 and 12 the casino ends with a 5.6% advantage. In some casinos they pay 3-to-1 on the 2 (or the 12) which cuts the casino edge in half to a more manageable 2.8%, but there are much better bets you can make, usch as a come/don't come bets, or place bets on the 6 or 8.

  • ElitePokerPlayer 3 years ago

    On the craps table I always bet the Feild and I don't bet it every bet I just look for the shooter to roll a feild roll twice in a roll and then I bet the Feild. I also bet the YO bet on most of the opening roll just as an added fun bet. I don't bet much maybe 10-15 dollars per Feild bet and not more than 1 dollar YO bet, so I just wanted to know your take on the Feild bets and the YO bets. Thanks

  • fatboyj182 3 years ago

    Never bet your virginity to a 6'0 hooker named amanda.

  • americancasinoguide 3 years ago

    Progressive betting does nothing to lessen the casino advantage.

  • Boxing Now 3 years ago

    on big 6, what if you progressive bet the $1??