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  • Jesse Martin 5 years ago

    This is an awesome video, Check out my strategy….I like yours tho

  • Vidal Demonti 5 years ago

    Absolutely! if you like to be a bit more conservative, you may wait for 2
    or 3 color changes, like red black, red black and place your bet on the
    last winning color and continue as mentioned in this video. Best thing, do
    not get greedy and take a small winning, like $40 or $50 and take a break
    or go to a different Casino. This way you don’t break the bank and will not
    bring attention to you being a winner instate of a looser….

  • Richard Rodriguez 5 years ago
  • jake sagd 5 years ago

    Dude you’re right,started with £1 bets and did your way,made £15 in 2 min.
    Was doing it as a test and I think I found a hole in the system,was also
    able to predict the colours,bitch of all was put £2 on 0,didn’t come up
    next bet put on red and it came to 0, I was like FUCK 

  • Daniel Trewin 5 years ago

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  • shawnryan131 5 years ago

    Is putting the minimum on the last winning color better than putting the
    minimum after a win on the OTHER color? I’ve always done that. For example:
    2$ on black…I win…I then put 2$ on red and if I lose any, double up on
    the same color.

  • Z Sun 5 years ago

    hey, that’s awesome.
    but what if you lose again with the double bet? triple the bet on the same

  • Kim Young 5 years ago

    Have you had more success doing this online or at a real casino? 

  • kawalpreet aulakh 5 years ago

    HI Daniel. What happens, if red, black & zero would come 8 times in a row.
    for example if I play 1$ on red & the black comes & then I play 2 $ on
    black & red comes & then I play 4 $ on red & black comes. Then I play 8$ on
    black & red comes & it would happen 8 times because with 1 $ the maximum
    limit would be 200$ on table & most of the table if you play with double
    bet, there maximum limit is always not more than 8 times (double). I have
    already lost 4 times with this strategy. CAn you suggest please…

  • steve thompson 5 years ago

    thanks for the video. Am I right that we shouldn’t try this online?

  • Aaron Burton 5 years ago

    Thanks bro! Got a demo account up to 1k lol, what the casinos want you to
    do is get greedy.

  • kaufish24 5 years ago

    Cant wait to get some spare money to try this out

  • Chad Meek 5 years ago

    Hey Daniel, would you make a bet after each consecutive red, black,red,
    black once and wait for another strand of red black red black and bet

  • paul gleave 5 years ago

    from my tryouts with it,doin the odd/even seems better for some reason

  • Struna stoštyri 5 years ago

    I try to contact you but im not sure if you email adress working. pls
    writte me @

  • Thomas Drake 5 years ago

    Ive done this with many games, baccarat, craps etc, it works when things go
    right, but Murphys law will take care of the rest! 

  • Vidal Demonti 5 years ago

    Thanks Daniel, this is definitely the best I seen so far. And yes, I agree,
    it is a matter of being patient and going for small profits with intervals.
    Don’t get greedy, just take it easy and enjoy the game. 

  • Kateia Paulo 5 years ago

    would this still work if i dont double up

  • McRobbah 5 years ago

    I’m just testing out this system, so I have one question. Let’s say I bet
    black and lose, so I double on red, then red loses, do I switch back to
    black or double my last bet on red?

  • Andika Chandra 5 years ago

    Hi Daniel are you saying that where there is streak of Red Black Red Black
    play the pattern ? if you play the pattern how much would you say the
    maximum is or would you just walk away ?

  • michaelu82 5 years ago

    I have a question, what do you do if the O and double O comes up? would you
    bet on the colour previous to that happening and double up or? 

  • Daniel Trewin 5 years ago


  • Brooke Roberts 5 years ago

    Hey guys, I have tested this method a few times lately – it really does
    work. So long as you are patient with small bets you won’t need a bank roll
    larger than $150. I grew my bank by $100 in 1 hour by playing $5 and
    following Daniels method in the video. $100 per hour is great earnings when
    you think about it. And THANKS again Daniel for posting this!

  • Hendra Roy - 5 years ago

    Man I love you! Started with 200 now at 750! My hero!

  • Booyaaboy Selecta 5 years ago

    Yeah this method is pretty good ive won a bit with this, but as with all
    systems its gonna fuck you hard eventually. ive sat for hours monitoring
    the tables live and online and rng, and they both hit crazy streaks of
    alternates which would kill anyone using this system. ive not only seen
    streaks of red black red black red but waited for 5 even 6 and another 5 or
    6 or even 7 came after effectively wiping me out. So those death streaks
    that kill you WILL come for sure and more than expected not just if you’re
    unlucky! luckily i only play expecting to lose cos gambling on roulette is
    not a job. wish it was. No system is perfect but this one is better than
    martingale which i lost everything on after like 5 minutes. STAY WELL AWAY
    FROM THE MARTINGALE SYSTEM. I thought of it after a few beers. as probably
    did martingale. truly useless. Besides things always go differently with
    real money.

  • scampi 124 5 years ago

    Online it has been tested by myself and as you said, not a good idea. In
    the beginning it worked perfectly, but suddenly the system found out what I
    was doing I guess and I had streaks of 12 times red black red black…lost
    700€ in 2 days like that but luckely made 1.3k before the system saw what I
    was doing, still some wins :)

  • robert heels 5 years ago

    Hi Daniel

    Just a clarification. when you start do you have to wait until you get a
    black red black red black or a red black red black red before you lay down
    your first bet?